How To Build an Aluminum Can Crusher: Recycle Cans

Create Your Own Can Crushers at Home

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The Planet is in dire need of our help. The greenhouse effects are getting more and more evident as time passes by. Landfills around the world are closing left and right as it gets to more than the capacity it can take. The earth right now is just sick and it is crying for our assistance. What do we do to answer its cries?

The only answer to our current plight is to go green. Easier said than done in a world of fast food, fast cars and fast paced living. That is why we take baby steps and grow ourselves into the green advocates that we can be.  One way we can make a difference is by constructing our own generators and minimizing our use of commercially-produced electricity.

If we're not that ambitious, we could start by trying out a recycling plan. One way we can recycle is by sending soda cans to a recycling center.

The only problem with recycling soda cans is the amount of space they take up. Thankfully there is a way we can save space in the garage and save the environment at the same time. We can do that with an aluminum can crusher. Here are some simple steps you can follow for how to make a can crusher of your own.

  1. Get your materials ready. First, to build can crushers, you are going to need a piece of 2 x 4 inch board. Make sure the board is sturdy, because it will be used to crush the cans. Pick up some old jar lids to keep the cans in place while you crush them. You are also going to need Strap hinge kits, Two 1 inch screws and a screen door handle.
  2. Prepare the board. This step is fairly simple. All you need to do on this step is to cut your board. Get a saw or a sharp wood cutter for this step. When you cut the 2 x 4 board, the two pieces should be 16 inches long each. Then, attach the two boards together using your strap hinge sets. Fasten the hinge using the screws included in the hinge set. When the hinge is closed, the two boards should lie flat on top of each other.
  3. Screw the Jar lids. Place your attention on the two jar lids now. Get Jar lids that are slightly larger than the cans you are going to crush. Attach these on the insides of your boards using the two screws you have. The way the jar lids are placed, they should also lie flat on top of each other. Then, to finish of your can crusher, attach the door handle on the top side across the place where the hinge is attached.
  4. Test it out. At this point your crusher should be done and you can start crushing.  Place the can inside the two jar lids and push on the door handle. Place a little force on to the can crusher and watch in amazement.

Now that you can build a can crusher, you are on your way to recycling cans and saving the earth! You should be proud of yourself. This is the only home we have and that is why we need to save it. After a while working on the can crusher, you and your friends should have saved the planet some tons of natural resources. The planet would be very proud! Now get out there and recycle cans!


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