How To Make a Cheap Tiki Hut

Can't you just imagine yourself sitting out on the beach under a tiki hut drinking that cool tropical drink while lazily watching the ocean waves? Well we can't always give you the ocean as a backyard view, but we can certainly help you build that great tiki hut.

The tiki hut is a great outdoor shelter with a bit of an exotic flavor. Your own tiki hut will make you feel like you live in Hawaii, even if it is only Minnesota. It is a place where you can sit under its shade, relax, and cool down on a hot day. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? However, first we need to build it, which is not really that difficult, especially if you use a shortcut and go out and find yourself one of those antique, huge satellite dishes. You know the one most people want to get rid of.

You will need a few things before you can start this project, and some items may take a little time to find. You will need items like:

  • a satellite dish
  • palm fronds
  • cement
  • cord
  • drill
  • post
  • bolts and nuts

You can find one of those old satellite dishes at a junk yard, a flea market and maybe even in someone's yard. Usually people just want it out of the way and will even give it to you. You will be a blessing in disguise for them.

Choose the location where you want your tiki hut. Once you have done that, then you need to start digging a deep hole to set the post in. When you have set the post, then put cement around the bottom of the pole to keep it in place. When the cement has dried, then place the satellite dish upside down on the pole and bolt it in. You will have to drill holes into the satellite dish and then use bolts and a brace to attach it to the post.

Take the palm fronds and lay them on top of the satellite dish and attach them together using cords. Drill holes in places so that you can attach them tightly to the satellite dish. Place them in layers until they completely cover the dish, so that you can't see the ugly parts of the dish any longer. You can paint the interior of the dish, so it does not look ugly, and that way no one will know what it's original use was.  Afterwards just get a beautiful outdoor patio furniture set and enjoy your new tiki hut.


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