How To Make a Circle Shaped Rag Rug

Rag rugs are a very colorful addition to a home, giving it the warm and cozy feeling it used to evoke during the early American years. These rugs were quite functional then, being used to cover up cracks for log cabins and keeping the cold air from coming into the homes. The rag rugs remind us of a rich history where people used their resourcefulness to answer to all their needs. Today, they are still very much around. People still have the eye for the simple beauty and the functionality they offer. These rugs are also easy to maintain and can be washed easily at home with a regular washing machine, unlike others that require carpet cleaners or other expensive cleaning products. They are also quite inexpensive. A nice idea would even be to do like the early people did and create your own. The great thing about making a rag rug is using materials that are lying around at home. Old scraps of clothing can be reused again and transformed into a colorful rug to decorate your home. Here’s how.

  • Decide on what type of rag rug to make. There are different ways of making a rag rug. You can either do the braided, crocheted, hooked, or sewed method. Your rag rugs can also take the shape of whatever you want it to be, circular, oval, or square.
  • Materials needed. Gather up various rags and fabrics. Depending on the type of rug you wish to make, you will find other types of cloth more ideal for one method than the other. To make hooked rugs, fabrics made from wool are the best material to use. Crocheted rugs make use of knitted fabrics. Woolen fabrics are also good for braided rugs. Other necessary materials are scissors, needle, heavy duty thread, a crochet hook sized extra large, a sewing machine, and a latch hook. Again, these materials all depend on the type of rug you are planning to make.
  • Procedure for braided rugs. To make a circle shaped rug, doing the braided method is the simplest way. Begin by cutting up your fabric in strips that are all the same width. Begin to sew up the fabric strips so they are attached together. Create 3 pieces of long strips and braid them. You can start to sew up your braided fabric together, making a circular shape until you have the exact size that you would want.
  • Procedure for hooked rugs. For this method, you will need a mesh canvas with openings of about a fourth of an inch. Cut out your fabric strips in equal lengths of half an inch in width and ¾ inches in length. Cut up your mesh canvas to your desired size. Draw in your circular shape onto your canvas and begin hooking your strips onto your rug, following your design.
  • Procedure for crocheted rugs. This method is also very simple of you know how to crochet. Start by cutting up your fabric in strips. Make sure that they are all of the same width. Sew them up to form a very long strip that you can form into a ball. Proceed to crochet in single crochet stitches to form your circular shaped rug in your desired size.

If your rug is properly made, it will last you a very long time. Wash when necessary on your washing machine using coldwater and a mild detergent to keep it looking as nice as when you first made it.


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