How To Make a Clothes Drying Rack

A clothes drying rack comes in handy for pieces of clothing that can’t be machine dried. This piece of handyware is most needed when you live in a home without a yard and need to air dry pieces of clothing. You can make a clothes drying rack to save on cash.

  • At the lumber store, ask for 35-inch long wood. You’ll need four pieces of these. Then, get another four pieces of 28 and a half inch long wood and eight pieces of wood 20 inches long. Also get eight pieces of wood that are 11 inches long. You’ll also need screws and a drill.
  • Start on your 35-inch wood. Take a measuring tape and a pencil. From one end of the 35-inch long wood, measure to 16 1/2 inches and put a pencil mark at this measurement. Then, from the same end of the piece of wood, measure up to 25 inches. Once again, mark with your pencil. Lastly, measure once more from the same end of the piece of wood up to 33 5/8 inches and mark. Drlll holes through all these lengths and then repeat with the other pieces of wood that are 35 inches long.
  • Move on to the 28 ½ inch wood. Take your measuring stick and mark the wood at 1 ½ inches. From the same end of the wood, mark again, this time at 9 7/8 inches. Then, measure again to 18 7/8 inches and 27 inches. Mark these two last measurements and then drill holes into each of the marks. Repeat with the other three pieces of 28 ½ inch long wood.
  • Prep your 20-inch wood. With your 20-inch piece of wood, drill at the 1 ½ inch mark and the 18 5/8 mark. Four of the eight 11-inch pieces of wood get two holes at 1 ½ and 10 inches while the remaining 4 get  them at 1 ½ and 9 ¾ inches.
  • Smoothen your pieces of wood. Take a piece of sandpaper and smoothen the edges of all the pieces of the wood so that they are nice, round and curved. Sand the rest of the surfaces of all your pieces of wood to eliminate risk of splintering. Now take a damp cloth and wipe down all of the pieces of the wood to get rid of the wood dust. Rinse your washcloth after every piece of wood or until the cloth is considerably dirty, otherwise you’ll just be transferring wood dust from one piece to another. To give the wood a nice finish, brush on some linseed oil and let the pieces of wood dry.
  • Assembling your homemade clothes rack. Get one 11-inch piece and screw this to the 35 inch wood at the 25-inch mark. Repeat with the other pieces. Then get the 28 ½ piece of wood and screw it to the 35-inch piece at 33 5/8. Repeat this for the remaining pieces of wood. Get more of the longer pieces and pair them. Get the holes to match on these two long pieces and screw at the holes. With the two other long pieces, do the same. Take one 20-inch piece of wood and place this horizontally so that it is connecting to the other piece of wood. Secure this at the 16 ½ inch mark. The remaining two 20-inch pieces of wood will go to the top of the rack. Secure these horizontally.

Now you have a beautifully homemade clothes rack that you can use to dry your wash on!


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