How To Make a Dust Ruffle

A dust ruffle is commonly used to help prevent dust from accumulating underneath your beds. It also serves as a decorative piece to a room as it always matches either with the bed sheets and pillowcases or the curtains. It may also be used in cribs or chairs found inside the room. It is readily available in the market, but you can also make your own ruffle at home.

  • Materials needed. To make your own dust ruffle, you will need to prepare a fabric, Velcro, sewing machine, thread, tape measure and scissors. Prepare also a needle if you prefer to hand sew.
  • Easy steps to make a removable dust ruffle. The first thing to do is to decide on the cloth or fabric that you will use. Design matters here because it should complement the sheets of your bed. You can also choose to match it up with your curtains. After all, one of the reasons why you are making dust ruffle is to give your room a more presentable look.
  • Find out the width of your ruffle. Determine the width of your ruffle by measuring from the bed to the floor. Add two inches as a border allowance. Measure also the three sides of the bed as this will be the length of the ruffle. Add four inches to the length.
  • Slice your fabric. Cut the fabric based on the measurements you got. The ruffle is usually long that you will result to strips of cloth to be connected to each other to come up with the exact length. To connect the strips of cloth, add another one inch for seaming allowances.
  • Stitch and sew. After all the pieces are put together, press the edges with an iron. Put a hem on top of the fabric by folding over about half an inch and stitching a seam. Then, do the same at the bottom but after sewing a seam, fold it over again by one inch and sew a finished hem. Sew a seam at each end of your dust ruffle by folding half an inch also and stitching each a finished border.
  • Attach the Velcro. Next, measure two inches of Velcro and cut it from the roll. Keep the two parts of it. From one side of the bed, affix the top part of the ruffle into the top of the box spring and ensure that the length of it is just the way you want it. When it is positioned in the proper place, peel off the back side of the Velcro (Velcro loops) and attach it to the box spring. Then peel off the other side (Velcro hooks), attach it to the dust ruffle and fit it to the box spring. Do these steps in all sides of the bed until the dust ruffle is fully fitted to the box spring.
  • Finishing touches. Lastly, carefully remove the dust ruffle from the bed making sure that the Velcro pieces attached to it will not be misplaced. Sew each Velcro into the ruffle either by machine or by hand.


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