How To Make a Duvet Cover Stay in Place

A duvet cover is like a huge pillowcase used to cover duvets. A duvet is a soft, flat bag with fillings of feathers, wool or any other natural stuffing. These fillings help make the bed warm. A duvet cover is basically used to prevent the duvet itself to be easily stained because most duvets are not washable. Washing duvets would impair the stuffing.

Not all duvet covers stay in place every time you use it. It becomes a daily routine in the morning to straighten up the duvet cover that got bunched up during the night. This can be prevented by attaching hem tapes to the corners of the cover to keep it in place. And the best thing about this is that you yourself can do this at home.

To start, prepare the sewing materials needed such as the thread, needles or sewing machine, scissors, elastic, hem tape and straight safety pins.

Follow the steps below in recreating your duvet cover.

  • Turn it inside out. First thing to do is to turn your duvet cover inside out.
  • Loop your elastic strips. Next, prepare four strips of elastic of 1 and a half inches in length. Turn them into loops by folding them into half.
  • Attach elastic loops onto the duvet cover. Position the elastic loops in each of the four corners of the duvet cover. Attach the loops securely by sewing them in place. You can sew them by hand or using a sewing machine. No worries to be taken on the color of the thread used because it is sewn into the inside of the duvet cover.
  • Cut hem tape. Next thing to do is to cut four pieces of hem tape about 4 to 6 inches long. The tape’s color will not be an issue just like the thread as it won’t be seen too.
  • Attach the hem tape onto the duvet cover. Fold the pieces of hem tape into two and position them in each of the four corners of the duvet cover. Just like the elastic loops, attach the tape securely by sewing them in place.
  • Check your duvet cover. Ensure that the duvet cover matches perfectly with the duvet itself. To check, align the cover and the quilt in same direction. Make some adjustments if necessary.
  • Finishing touches. String the hem tapes on the quilt through the elastic loops. Use a bow to tie the tapes firmly in place. You can also use buttons or zippers. But it will be easy to remove the cover when it needs to be laundered if a bow is used.
  • Finished product. Turn your duvet cover inside out and it’s now ready to use.

Easy right?  Hassle free, affordable, and useful tips on how to make a duvet cover stay in place. Remember to always check if you have all the materials you need, and be aware of the guidelines how to do it. With the hem tapes securely in place, you can now be comfortable, and be sound asleep in your bed with the duvet cover staying in place even if you can’t.


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