How To Make a Hanging Locker Shelf

Need an extra shelf for that locker that's so hard to make look good?  Well there’s a simple and easy way to make a hanging locker shelf with very few supplies needed.  If you take your time and measure right the first time, then this shelf will not take you long at all.  There are a few things that you’ll need to begin your project, such as some plywood, a wood saw, and a drill. 

Once you have these supplies, make sure that you practice patience and begin by measuring your locker.  Measuring it twice so you only have to cut once will go a long way in this project.  With your measurements written down on a piece of paper, begin measuring out your plywood.  Make marks upon the actual plywood for your cuts to be made.  Make sure to use a pencil so that later you can sand or erase these marks later.

Now that you have your dimensions of your locker, put a pair of goggles on to protect your eyes from wood shards, and begin by cutting the plywood into different sized pieces for your hanging shelf.  Work slowly and watch your cuts, you don’t want to cut on the inside of your marks, work along the outer portion of the marks.   Remember you can sand down later to make sure the shelf will still fit into your locker.  Its better to have it bigger than your locker than too small.  

Make sure that you’ve got the cuts right by placing it into your locker and checking to make sure that the locker door will still close and that it also will fit but not fit too snug.  This way at the end of the year you can take your shelf with you to continue its use.  Now, if your plywood isn’t fitting easily enough you can sand down the edges or make another cut in case you got the measurements wrong.   With your shelves cut, you can either sand them down to make them look good or you can use a stain to paint upon the wood.  If you’re really up to the challenge you can even use paint and graph in your own designs into the wood.

Now that you have got your basic cuts done, begin to piece the project together and use either screws or nails to begin piecing it together.  Work slowly so that you don’t end up not having your screws or nails centered into the wood itself.  Once you have your hanging locker shelf pieced together, you will want to drill a small enough hole at the top of your shelf.  Once you have this hole drilled, get yourself some strong string and loop it through the hole you just drilled.  Using a slipknot in the middle the string, you can now hang your shelf into your locker by your coat hook or even the smaller shelf on the top.  Make sure that your string is strong enough that it will hold whatever you plan on placing on your shelf.


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