How To Make a Mouse Trap: Homemade Mouse Traps

Tips for Getting Rid of Mice

Mouse taking cheese from trap

Mice belong to the rodent family and are household pests (unless, of course, you happen to have a pet mouse).  These vermin leave urine and feces that can infect young children. For pesty rodents, particularly the disease-carrier rats and mice, the most common method to get rid of them is with a mouse trap. Whether it is a cheap homemade trap or bought from stores, they can be very effective. These tips for getting rid of mice will show you how to make mouse traps in your garage or kitchen.

A cheap homemade mouse trap could work this way:

  • Mice are always in search of food. In fact, it is often easy access to garbage cans and trash bins that attracts rodents in the first place. A thorough cleaning of all food preparation and serving areas is essential in any plan to get rid of unwanted pests. 

    Build a thin wooden incline covered with a thin film of peanut butter, leading them up the ramp to a can of thick layer of peanut butter.  

  • At the top of the wooden incline, create is an entrance to a bucket where the mice could see and smell the thicker layer of peanut butter placed in a can suspended by a rod. The mice would hop onto the can because the food target is there. As the mouse hops, the can spins on the rod, dumping the mouse into the three gallons of water in the bucket. 

  • Mice will continue to be attacted up the ramp and jump to the main food source until they have all been eliminated.

Getting rid of mice can be tricky. However, now you know how to make a mouse trap so rodent control should be easier. Mouse traps can be bought from stores and they are cheap. However, they are easy to make, easy to operate and easy to repair. These mouse traps are very effective in getting rid of rodents in your homes. You can even use them to protect your vegetable garden. 

Building homemade mouse traps is an unpleasant but necessary defense of your home. They should be stopped from sharing your food and shelter. Mouse traps will kill them and halt their invasion.


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