How To Make a Jacob's Ladder with a Rope

A Jacob’s ladder may mean several things to different people, one of which is its ability to connect heaven and earth with a useful rope ladder. Its unique arrangement ensures that all its users are fit and have the necessary strength to climb all the way to the top. It is therefore a popular choice for secret clubs in their quests to hide their dugouts. On the other hand, the use of the Jacob’s ladder for rescue purposes and emergencies is something to be noted too.

Here are the steps in making a Jacob’s ladder with a rope.

  • Choose which kind of rope you intend to use. It is more likely that this ladder is to be used in an outdoor setting. Get it ready for its exposure on harmful outdoor elements that could pose harm to the integrity of the whole ladder. It is wise to choose nylon or polyester rope, or any kind with mixtures of any of these two.
  • Create a loop using a simple knot on the center of your rope. This loop is for your ladder to hang on. Straighten this knot by folding the rope in half and stretching both ends with your hands.
  • Find a secure and sturdy base where you can hook the knot while you complete the other parts. You can use your feet to support, but this may get exhausting after a while, especially if you plan to make a long one.
  • Measure the space you wish to have between the rungs. It is ideal to keep the measurements close to one and a half feet.
  • Have each of your hand a strand of the rope. Measure a distance of one and a half feet from the top loop of the strand on your left hand. Hold this point with your left hand. Create a loop measuring about six inches from the left hand with the use of your right hand, and back at it.
  • Get the strand back to the right by pinning the loop in between the left hand’s thumb and forefinger. If you are doing this right you should see three segments coming from the left side going to the right with their ends hanging on that part.
  • Roll the right strand on around these three segments coming from the left side. Insert it through the right loop and over the three segments, and roll it from the bottom in a wrapping manner. Meanwhile, keep your left part loops secured with your left hand.
  • Continue doing the previous step until you have attained a rung, with a width that can support well. The narrower the width the more strength it has. The last wrap is different from the rest, because this time, the right hand strand will pass through the loop located on the left side of the rung.
  • Measure your decided space measurements between the rungs. Just keep on with the process until you reach the length you want your ladder to have.
  • Secure any loops or knots.

This kind of project can come in handy in case of an emergency. Create it with a mindset that this thing can save lives and limbs one day. Store it properly so natural exposures won’t damage it over time.


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