How To Make a Kitchen Cabinet Door

Kitchen cabinet doors are probably the most battered, least worried over components of the kitchen. They go through regular wear and tear day after day. Some kitchen doors may have been installed for over 30 years. They may not close properly or may have tethered edges. These are classic signs of wearing out. It may be time for you to consider remodeling your cabinet doors. You can also remodel if you want to update the look of your kitchen and you find that the doors are already out of style.

Pick wood type. Choose the wood type that you want. There are lots of different types like natural and treated woods. They can range from light colored to dark finishes. You can choose maple, oak, pine, mahogany, alder, etc. Also, determine if you are using plywood or solid types. Choose ½ in- ¾ in wood if you plan to put a frame around it. For the frame, ¼ in thick should be enough, choose strips that already have grooves and tongues for easier assembly. If you are going to use a router to carve out a frame, choose a thicker type of wood. Around an inch to 1 should be fine.

  • Remove existing door/s. Unscrew the hinges of the cabinet door/s by using a screwdriver.
  • Measure. Remove the hinge on the old cabinet and place on a piece of newspaper. Mark cabinet door size with your pencil marker. Cut the newspaper and use for template. Place on top of the sheet of wood and trace.
  • Cut. Use a hack saw or router to cut out the new cabinet door. Sand with a medium-grade paper. Use a light-grade paper to finish sanding.
  • Place frame. If you plan to use a router, buy or create a template for the frame. Mark the wood and carve accordingly. If you plan to install frames, cut the sheet of wood you bought for framing. Measure and put the frame together. Use wood glue and place on top of the new frame. Apply pressure by placing something heavy on the cabinet and frame, or use C-clamps for better results.
  • Paint/varnish. Allow the adhesive to fully set before painting or varnishing. You can choose to paint to fit the new motif of your kitchen. You may also varnish the wood to use the natural color of the wooden cabinets. If you want, glaze the wood to give it some texture.
  • Attach hinges. To attach the hinges, align the door with your cabinet and mark the area where you want to put the hinges. You can use different types of hinges. A popular type is the European style hinges. These offer a sleeker look and does not show when the cabinet door is closed. Screw the hinges to the cabinet door, then to the cabinet.

There are also other ways of building different styles of cabinet doors. If you are not that good with woodcraft, you can always buy prefabricated doors that don’t cost much. Remember to always work with safety in mind when working with power tools, this way you can avoid unnecessary accidents. Work diligently and you’ll be fine.


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