How To Make a Loop Rug

The rugs you use at home need not be purchased most of the time. In fact, if you know the steps on creating a loop rug, you can always come up with wonderful and useful rugs for home use. With a few scraps of fabric, any leftover yarn, and old pieces of curtains or sheets, a loop rug can be born. Take note that this project is not at all hard to do. Here, check out these tips to help you get started with this loop rug project:

  • Prepare the fabric for the rug. What is great about a loop rug is that you can use just about anything for it. Cotton fabric scraps, blue jeans, bed sheets, and the like can be used without a question. Get whatever is available at home or use whatever you prefer. For pieces of fabric, start to cut them out into 1-inch wide strips. If you are using a yarn for this project, you need a heavy one and work on two strands at a time. Also, prepare other materials needed for the loop rug project including cotton rug backing, yarn needle, yarn, rug or crochet hook, and scissors.
  • Prepare a cotton rug backing. Position yourself in a very comfortable chair so you can start making the project. Position the rug backing right on your lap and then fold its edge to the back.
  • Work on positioning the fabric strips. Get one of the fabric strips and fold it in half. The right side of the strip must be facing toward you. Then, place it right under the rug backing. Use a rug hook so that you can pull the loops right through the backing.
  • Get the yarn and thread the needle. Pull the needle threaded with a yarn right through the bottom of the backing. Knot the fabric strip afterward so that the ends will be held in place. It is best if you start this process on the fourth row of the rug backing so as to give space for the finishing section of the loop rug.
  • Create loops for the rug. Pull the fabric strip through the grid of the rug backing with the use of a rug or crochet hook. Do this by inserting the hook into the backing's first hole and pulling up a loop for the fabric strip. The loop must be big enough so that the hook can easily push through it. Continue this process until you come up with five loops on the hook. When this is achieved, remove the hook out of the fabric very carefully.
  • Lock all the loops you created in place. Do this by pulling the needle threaded with a yarn through all the loops. This process will not only lock the loops but also increase their durability.
  • Experiment on the designs of the loop rug. Use different kinds of fabric materials in the loop rug. This will help you come up with different designs and styles of loop rugs. For instance, you can vary the color of the fabric strips so that you can create a good pattern out of the rug.

A loop rug is something that is not only easy to do but is also fun to do. In fact, you can invite your family or friends to do this project with you. Most of the time, you will not only get a good bonding experience out of doing a loop rug project. More importantly, you will get a very useful and stylish item for your own home.


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