How To Make a Natural Wallpaper Remover

In giving a room a makeover by getting new wallpaper or getting a paint job done for the room, you would need first to remove the old or existing wallpaper.  Peeling it off alone would be very difficult and would not accomplish the job properly.  The adhesive that holds the old wallpaper to the wall is pretty strong, and you would therefore need help from chemicals to remove this. 

Unfortunately, most of the chemicals available in the market are harmful.  If you would want to go natural for this task, you could simply follow these simple steps in removing your wallpaper with the aid of a natural wallpaper remover.

Prepare the room with the wallpaper to be removed.  Take out or rearrange the furniture that would get in the way.  Have the windows open for better ventilation during the application of your natural wallpaper remover.  Make some holes in the wallpaper with the aid of a wallpaper scoring tool.  You can do random circular patterns until you have managed to create holes in the entire wall. 

Prepare the ingredients and materials. Your natural wallpaper would be composed of baking soda, distilled white vinegar and warm water.  These are simple things you would be able to get at home.  You can use a large bowl or a bucket to mix these items.  The amount would depend on the area you would need to cover.  Mix equal amounts of warm water and vinegar in your bucket.  The heat from the water would contribute to removing the effect of the wallpaper paste. 

Start with about four to five cups of warm water and vinegar.  You can always just create another batch if you would need more, but making the solution in small batches would help in keeping it warm.  Add baking soda to thicken the consistency.  This would make it easier for you to use.

Apply the wallpaper remover. Use a sponge or a spray bottle to apply your wallpaper remover.  Soak the sponge into the solution and generously apply it to the whole area of the wall that requires removal.  Fill the spray bottle with the solution and squirt it onto hard to reach areas.  The holes that you previously created would allow the remover to get into the wallpaper and melt the paste.
Wait for 15 to 20 minutes for the wallpaper remover to settle in.  Keep the windows open so you would not get too irritated with the smell of the vinegar.

Your natural wallpaper remover would then be able to loosen the wallpaper paste from its hold on the wallpaper.  You can then use different tools in removing the wallpaper, such as a paint scraper, a putty knife or a wallpaper scraper to help you.  Loose pieces can be easily removed by hand.  If there are hard to remove pieces, you would just need to apply more of the solution on that area and again give it a few minutes to set before attempting removing the wallpaper.

This natural wallpaper remover is both environment and budget friendly!


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