How To Make a Net to Hang Stuffed Animals

Do you or your child love stuffed animals to the point that they are already cluttering your whole room? Don't deny this, as this scenario can always happen. With the number of stuffed animals that can be added in your collection month after month, you will soon find no place to store these cuddly toys.

However, the solution is not to put them in a box and store them in the basement. Making a net to hang these toys in will be a great idea for this problem. Not only will you find good space for your toys, but you will also give your room a delightful twist. Here's how you can create this net for your stuffed animals:

  • Know the knots to use in creating a net. There are different kinds of knots that can be used for making nets for this project. This includes square knot, fisherman's bend knot, and lark head knot. Pick the kind of knot you want to use for making your net project. Then, study how you can perfectly make the specific knot of your choice.
  • Get the right materials. It is important that you have a good quality yarn for this net so it can hold your stuffed animals perfectly. A four-ply yarn can best be used for this project. Other things you need to come up with include cup hooks and scissors.
  • Start making the net. It is not new to you that making a net is a tough task and a time consuming one also. Hence, patience is needed to come up with a good output in the end. When tying your knots, do not settle into knotting quickly. What is important in this process is that you make sure that all knots are tied securely together. The quality of your net will depend on the quality of your knots.
  • Crochet the net. If you know how to crochet, you can use this skill to make a net for your stuffed animals. This will be easy for you to do even if you know only the basics of crocheting. Simple single stitches, double stitches, and slip stitches are the only techniques required to come up with a net for your stuffed toys.
  • Install cup hooks in the room’s ceiling. Find the perfect corner in the room to accommodate the hanging stuffed animals. After this, hang the net and load your stuffed animals into the net.
  • Buy a pre-made net. If you cannot make a net of your own, buying a net from any hardware store will do for you. However, make sure that the net you buy has holes that are not that big so the animals will not slip off from it. Plus, the net must be made of sturdy materials and must be in a convenient size to accommodate all your stuffed belongings. Once you have the net, stitch the sides of it to form it in a shape that you prefer. Then, hang it in the ceiling before you load your animals into it.

If your room does not have enough space for your collection, a net hanging above the ceiling can very well accommodate them. So start your project of creating a net for your collection. There are a lot of options you can consider for this project for your overall convenience.


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