Making Wood Platform Beds: Modern Platform Bed Frame

Learn How To Build a Platform Bed Frame for Your Home

Wood platform beds are a modern, sophisticated look for the center of any bedroom. If the thought of spending thousands for a piece of furniture has kept you from adding to your own bedroom suite, rest assured you have other options. For a few hundred dollars and a few hours labor, you can make a platform bed; all you need are basic woodworking skills.  

Follow these instructions to create the platform bed you desire.

  1. Measure the bed. Before getting started, you will need the dimensions of the mattress you want to place on the platform. You should also determine the width of the exposed platform. Choose a size that suits you and your bedroom space.
  2. Design the platform bed. With the measurements you will need to draft the design. The bed will have a six inch rise from the ground then a flat platform layer that surrounds it. The rest is up to your design.
  3. Purchase the materials. Determine how much wood you will need from the design. All exposed wood including the bottom six inch rise as well as the visible platform sections must be made using finish quality wood. The interior wood frame and the non-visible portion of the platform should be made with sheets of plywood.
  4. Build the platform bed frame. Connect the four sides of the frame with strong wood screws. Then place cross members across the center of the rectangle. These supports will stabilize the bed and keep it square. All modern platform beds have this basic shape.
  5. Add the platform. Once the frame is constructed you should lay the sheets of plywood on the top to create the platform. Remember that these sheets should extend out six to ten inches around the sides of the frame. This is what creates the elegant platform look. Make certain that the sheets of plywood are secure and won’t squeak. Allow a small gap of 14 inch between the sheet joints to allow for contraction and expansion due to changes in temperature or humidity.
  6. Add finish layer of platform. Around the six or ten inch platform edges you will need to add finish quality wood, the rest of the plywood will be hidden by the bed. Choose a 1 x 6 plank or 1 x 10 (whichever matches the platform length). Secure the planks to finish the edges of the platform.
  7. Sand and finish visible surfaces. Your basic platform is constructed. Now you can sand all the edges smooth. Use wood putty to fill any screw or nail holes on the edges. Allow the wood putty to dry then sand those areas as well. Finally, finish the platform with either a wood stain or paint followed by a polyurethane top coat.
  8. Place mattress. Once the finish dries you can place the mattress onto the platform and make the bed. Slide the mattress into the space created by the finish wood pieces, the edges of the finished wood serves as a stop to secure the mattress from slipping when you sleep.

Once the mattress is in place, your platform bed is ready for use. You should be sleeping soundly in no time.


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