How To Make a Portable Barricade

Photo of road barricade

One of the best ways to ensure security is by means of using a portable barricade. Though permanently anchored barricades are much more resilient, a portable barricade is recommended since it is more flexible and can be detached more easily without compromising its original function.

An interesting quality of portable barricades is that they are extremely easy to set up. While the usual material preferred is metal, there are lighter varieties to choose from. At crime scenes, for example, the plastic police tape serves as a temporary barricade during an investigation.  Safety barriers are often characterized by wireless barricades that could be easily removed at the end of a project.  These barriers, especially those on a national scale, could help delineate boundaries and aid in establishing good traffic within an area.

The material for a portable barricade depends heavily on how you intend to use it. For relatively dry terrain, the metal variety would be ideal, since it would be tougher and hinged more effectively on the ground. There are bendable metal barricades that foster convenient storage for anyone intending to use it while in transit. This is the primary consideration in setting up a portable barricade.

It is quite a challenge to create your own portable barricade from scratch. But DIY enthusiasts may derive fulfillment in such a project. Raw materials are quite easy to come by, such as metal rods or plastic strips with poles, depending on how you would prefer to do it. A portable metal barricade is fastened together with bolts pounded securely onto metal rods of equal length. As you secure the bolts on the rods to create elbow-like connections for the rods, test it from time to time by bending them and checking if they are functioning properly. If you want an easier alternative, you can opt to create a simple rectangular type of barricade. But this will not be easy to store, so the bendable type is much more recommended.

You can also go for a portable barricade made of wood. However, this is not suitable for moldy, moist or damp regions. This plastic variety used for traffic and crime scene investigations may also be an option if it will only be used to mark boundaries and not be subjected to invasive elements that can easily destroy it given its fragile nature.

Creative options may also come about, as you create your own portable barricade. But you must consider uncompromisable factors namely: durability, suitability in the terrain on which it is to be set up, versatility, affordability and easy maintenance.

In case you are pressed for time, you could enjoy the benefit of using ready-to-use portable barricades available in most stores for home supplies. Check out the different constructions of portable barricades in stores to aid you, as you create your own.


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