How To Make a Rag Basket

During hard times, you need to find a way to save money at all costs. One way of doing so is making things you need instead of buying them—doing it yourself. One of the things you can make for yourself rather than buying is a rag basket. Rag baskets are very useful things that can help tidy up your house. You can put a lot of your knick knacks in them. The best thing about them is that rag baskets can be made out of your old materials. The following article can teach you how to make a rag basket:

  • Obtain the materials you will need. Before you start make sure to procure the necessary materials. You will need old fabric, a pair of scissors, masking tape, warm glue, a large yarn needle and a one inch craft coiling. You can get the craft coiling, yarn needle and pair of scissors in any DIY store and fabric store. Make sure also that the fabric you will use is old and something you will not use again. However, make sure the fabric does not have a lot of holes and rips.
  • Making the basket. Grab the old fabric and tear or cut it into strips of about two inches. You can use the scissors to make a straight cut or you can tear the fabric manually. Next, grab the yarn needle and thread the end of one fabric through its eye. Make sure to wrap the strip of fabric around the craft coil. Do the same with the other strips. The strips should overlap each other. After you have wrapped the fabric around the coil multiple times, you can now start making the bottom of the basket. Tightly coil the fabric covered coils together and make sure to form a circle. Pull the needle between the coils and weave the fabric between them as well so you can keep the coils bound together. Begin to stitch them together by bringing the needle to the right of and around the strips of fabric. Afterward, pull the needle toward you to create the stitch. Continue to stitch the coils every so often to hold them together. After making the bottom, start making the sides of the basket by wrapping the fabric covered coil upwards. Continue to stitch while doing so.
  • Just some reminders. Remember you can make the size of your basket as big or small as you need it to be. It just depends how much fabric and patience you have. Remember to use colorful fabrics to make your basket fit your personality. Also, make sure to use a different colored fabric to make the top of the basket so you know which part is which. You can add new strips of material by joining and wrapping strips together and over each other.

By following the article, you can now make your very own rag basket. Put your sewing materials, your pens and pencils and even some loose change in your rag baskets. Who knows, if you make good enough rag baskets, you might be able to make it a business.


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