How To Make a Room Divider

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You can make a room divider in a number of ways. The benefit of a room divider allows someone to have a private space while still allowing them to have an area that can be kept hidden or opened up. How big or small you want to make your room divider will depend on which style of a room divider you want to make. If you have a room that is one giant room rather than a full apartment, a room divider will allow you to make it appear as if it is actually 2 rooms rather than just one room. People who live in an efficiency apartment would benefit from this type of a room divider.

  1. The first step that you are going to do is to purchase some wood slats. These slats should all be the appropriate size in height and width that you will want to make your room divider to be. This means that if you want your wood room divider to measure 9 feet long you will need to purchase 6 lengths of wood that each piece will measure 3 feet long in width. These pieces will be the top and bottom of the room divider wall.
  2. You will then want to purchase 6 pieces of wood that will measure the height of the wall that you wish to create.
  3. Once you have done this, let’s say you choose to measure the height at 8 feet tall. All 6 pieces of wood will need to measure 8 feet tall.
  4. Once you have these pieces you will need to have the fabric you choose to use. The fabric you choose should coincide with the decor in your home. You will need to purchase enough fabric to cover all three panels. These pieces of fabric can be attached to the wooden frame once you have them put together.
  5. You will need to have screws to screw the pieces together and will need to be sure that all pieces of the frame are even with a level.
  6. Once you have screwed all pieces in, then take the fabric that you wish to use and cover the panels and then attach them with either nail brads or use a staple gun and staple the fabric in and be sure that the fabric is tight when you are stapling to make it appear correctly.
  7. Then you will need to have the hinges that you choose to attach all three frames together. Once the frames are attached to one another you will then be able to stand it up and place it where you wish for it to be.

This is a simple yet stylish way to create a room divider.


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