How To Make a Room Look Bigger with Paint

Do you have a small room that you would like to make look bigger than it actually is? The key to this problem may be as simple as repainting the room. The best way to make a room look larger than it really is, is to avoid using dark colors. Dark colors give a closed in feeling and can often times be quite depressing. If you have a room in your house that looks and feels overly small and stuffy, it might be a very good idea to purchase new paint and get busy! Depending on what your decorating style is, a light colored paint that matches the other items in the room is a good choice.

When attempting to make a room look bigger you might want to consider white paint or a very light cream color. Not only does white match everything, it also brightens and adds the illusion of largeness. When painting the walls of a room to make it look bigger it is also a good idea to paint the ceiling too. It is recommended that the ceiling always be painted white to give a clean and crisp look to the room, along with making it look bigger. If you plan to use a cream colored paint on the walls the white ceiling will complement the walls.

Almost any wall surface can be painted and made to look nice if it is done properly. Many older homes have paneling on the walls and the owners tend to think that paneling cannot be painted. The key to success in painting paneled walls is sand paper, primer and a semi-gloss light colored paint. Painting a room that is paneled can make the room look much bigger by lightening it. To properly paint paneled walls you will need to use a light grain sand paper to go over the surface to roughen it slightly. You do not want to sand it down completely but by going over it lightly with sand paper you will give the primer paint a better grip.

Use a high quality white primer paint for the first coat. Let dry and repeat the primer if necessary. After it has thoroughly dried you can apply the first coat of a light colored paint. If needed, let it dry and apply a second coat. By doing this you will change a dark dreary room into one that appears much larger. With paneled walls you may still be able to slightly see the seam where the panels are connected. You may need to go over these seams with primer a few times if they are extra dark in color. This style of painting has become very popular in homes that are decorated in rustic or country style decor.


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