How To Make a Router Jig

Using handsaw

A router jig is used to put your work piece on when using your router. It is a simple guide or template for your router. Jigs are best used for making repetitive motions. Making a jig will save time and effort if you are going to be making more than one duplicate item. They are made from wood and easy to build. 

  1. Lay out a Piece of Lumber 2-X-4-X-16 inches Vertically. Lay a 1-X-3-X-36 inch piece of lumber horizontally across the first piece with 6 inches of overlap on one end. This is your guide rail and you can use any type of wood.
  2. Make sure the 1-X-3 Overlaps the 2-X-4 at the Center. Use your speed square to ensure the board crosses over at a 90-degree angle. Make pencil marks on each side for reference if needed.
  3. Place a Piece of Scrap Wood Under the End of the 1-X-3. This is to hold the wood off the floor. Attach the wood pieces together at the crossover using four wood screws. Put a 1/4-inch gouging bit into your router and make a groove on each side of the 1-X-3. When moving, ensure to keep a single solid motion without stopping if possible.
  4. Line up Your Router Jig Groove Line on the Panel you want to Groove. Using the groove line on the jig as your guide, route a groove on the panel by resting the router up against the guide rail. Once confirmed and tested, lay the wood to be routed under your jig. Again following your previously made line, cut the groove into your work piece.

This router jig can be countless number of times. It can serve as a blueprint for additional router jigs, and modify for nearly any project you make.


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