How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Illusion is the key to making a small bathroom look larger. Just like magic, a small space will look a couple of square feet bigger when you undertake a bathroom renovation. When your bathroom is like a convenience store with bathroom products sticking out from the wall and containers in every corner, you will definitely have a matchbox for a bathroom. What you have to do to make your bathroom look bigger are the following:

  1. Set up good lighting. Have you been inside a pitch-black room where you can only see a few inches in front of you?  It gives a claustrophobic feeling doesn’t it?  Small lighting will not do it. When a room has more than adequate lighting, it creates an effect in people that makes them feel more secured. This feeling helps you forget about the borders of the room, especially if you have light colored walls.
  2. Install light colored walls and tiles. Together with proper lighting, lightly colored walls will trick your eyes. It is said that by doing this, your brain will not be able to create a clear perception of the walls. To the eyes, the walls will seem like a continuation of the light. Decorating bathroom walls with similar shades is preferable. If you have started with white and then you want to add a different color, choose the lightest shade of yellow or gray.
  3. Increase your floor space. Most people think that their bathroom is small when they can’t freely move around the room. This feeling happens when you bump your foot, leg or arm on some furniture that you have in the bathroom. By removing your towel cabinet out of the room, you will gain a couple of feet of free space. Then, instead of placing your hamper inside the bathroom, put it in your bedroom. And if you are using big drums to store water, you might want to replace it with the smaller buckets if it is not necessary to store large amounts of water.
  4. Employ the mirror trick. According to many interior designers, the mirror is not only a good tool for grooming but also for making rooms look bigger. But to make it work, you must have a big enough mirror. The mirror must be at least 4 feet by 5 feet to make it look like a separate door or window to another room. You can put this on one side of the room. Another way to do it is to cut the mirror in half and place them on opposing sides. This will create an illusion that the room has more adjacent rooms than it really has.
  5. Have the right bathtub. Although a bathtub can occupy a big chunk of your floor space, it does not have to be removed from the room. Instead of having it removed, you can replace it with a smaller one. If you are a petite person, you will not need a king sized bathtub. When you shop for a new one, you must try it first and make sure that the tub is comfortable and adequate in size.

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house where a person can relieve stress. And stress is not relieved by cramped and cluttered spaces such as in small kitchens. By doing the tips mentioned above, you can enhance the relaxing effect of your small bathroom to soother your body and mind.


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