How To Make a Sofa Bed Mattress Comfortable

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Sofa beds, while they are normally purchased for the convenience of instantly having a bed for guests to sleep on as they grace your home with their presence, these instant beds are notorious for being uncomfortable to sleep on. Magnify the discomfort by skimping on the mattress. Well, if purchasing a high quality mattress is not within your budget, then there are many ways that you can do to make the existing mattress a little bit more acceptable and more comfortable to sleep in. Remember, you want all your guests relaxed and having them sleep on a bed that can possibly ruin their posture and give them a lot of aches and pains will only make your relationship a bit more strained. That said here are some ideas on how you can make a sofa bed mattress much more comfortable to sleep on.

  • Top it off. Since your mattress is of the cheaper sort, the padding provided may be minimal. To add more padding without changing the mattress can be achieved by adding a bed topper on top of it. This will add a comfortable layer that may cover the failures of the existing mattress in providing enough padding to keep the metal bars of the sofa bed in check. Lay it on top and try it out. If you can still feel the metal bars in the spinal area, then you will definitely need to spread out another layer.
  • Pad the bars. Sometimes, the toppings you place on top of the mattress, regardless of layers, can’t seem to cover the hard metal bars. When this happens, you will have to attack the problem at its roots. You will have to pad the bars themselves. A thick blanket or towel wrapped around the bars should do nicely. With this additional padding, anyone sleeping on your sofa bed will begin to feel relaxed with no anxiety caused by these bars.
  • Compensate with beddings and pillows. If you have the cheapest mattress your money can buy and can’t change it, then you can at least splurge on quality beddings and pillows. These can probably compensate for the discomfort of sleeping in a sofa bed. Lining the bed up with nice satin sheets, a thick blanket, and 3 or 4 fluffy pillows may cover the fact that the metal bars still pose a problem.
  • Add another mattress on top. This option can be explored if you have an extra mattress lying around. By placing this extra mattress on top, it could conceal the hard bars beneath. This is especially the case if this second layer is made of springs instead of foam.
  • Prepare a magnificent breakfast. While this may not do anything to make your mattress more comfortable to sleep in, it can really brighten up anyone’s mood after sleeping on it. They may forget about the sleepless night altogether by replacing the discomfort with comfort food. It may be funny but really true.

If all else fails, then the next best thing is to save up and purchase a new mattress as soon as you can afford it. But this time, make sure that you purchase something that is of quality.


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