How To Make a Solar Panel Model

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Planning to set up a solar panel in your house? Or maybe you need to present a new solar panel idea for a science fair? Whatever your reason is, making a solar panel model is helpful. This is a great part of any solar panel plan especially if you need to present your plan to potential partners or helpers.

Creating a solar panel model will be easy if your purpose is to simply display a basic solar panel. It will be more difficult if your solar panel model has to be unique. If you want a unique solar panel, you have to research first about solar panels and how solar energy works. Understanding this topic is a good base in making your plan. It’s highly recommended that you read something that explains how solar panel works to create electric power. You can read its benefits and drawbacks of creating your own solar panel. After gaining enough knowledge, you will be more confident and reliable to create your own solar panel model. Now, you need to present your idea in a very creative way that other people will easily understand.

Follow these instructions when creating a basic solar panel model:

  1. Solar Panel. Create something that will represent the solar panel. It can be a rectangular styrene that is about 4 inches wide and 6 inches long. The measurement is up to you but the common solar panel is rectangular in shape.
  2. Draw boxes. A solar panel is composed of individual sunray collectors. To represent this, you need to draw boxes on the “solar panel” using a pencil. Do this by drawing vertical lines and horizontal lines. The spaces between horizontal lines should be distributed evenly, same with the spaces between vertical lines. After that, you can make small “canals” on the solar panel using a cutter. Follow the pencil markings on the solar panel. This will create a better-looking individual sunray collector.
  3. Stand. Now, the solar panel needs something to support it like a solar panel stand. Its stand can be made from a dowel and a block of wood. The dowel will serve as the stick connecting the solar panel to the stand, which is the block of wood. The solar panel should be slanted. You can achieve that by cutting one end of the dowel diagonally. Meanwhile, create a hole on the block of wood enough for the dowel to fit in it. Put a bead of wood glue on the dowel’s tip and insert it into the block of wood. Put a bead of permanent glue on the diagonal tip of the dowel and paste the center of the solar panel on it.
  4. Paint. Use gray acrylic paint to give a coat to the entire solar panel model. Let the paint dry for about an hour. You can paint blue-black-silver acrylic paint combination on the front of the solar panel after that. This will create a translucent color that will be similar to glass.

For a more realistic appeal, you can add thin silver framings around each of the sunray collectors. You can also decorate the solar panel model with trees, clouds, houses, soil, and men. 


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