How To Make a Solar Powered Light

Use solar power energy to save money and help preserve the environment. It is easier to install compared to wired lights. Use it to create outdoor lighting equipments and systems. Light up your driveway, parking lot, deck or doorway. Below are steps and tips on how to make a solar-powered light.

  • Determine how a solar lighting works. A solar light uses a solar panel that charges its batteries during daytime. You will use a photo-cell sensor at night to use the saved energy. Ensure that your stand-alone or built-in solar panel can get sufficient sunlight during the day so you can achieve an excellent lighting performance at night.
  • Prepare the materials needed to make a solar-powered light. You need connecting lead wires, charge controller, two fuses, photovoltaic array, and 12-volt DC-powered all-weather light.
  • Check your photovoltaic array. You must get the needed wattage to create a solar powered light. Photovoltaic cells provide 20% of the collected energy. Ensure that your photovoltaic array is huge enough. You must place it in a position where it will get the best sun exposure.
  • Connect the electrical lead wires of the photovoltaic array to the positive and negative terminals of the charge controller. It will regulate the power that will be received by your solar battery.
  • Connect an end of a fuse to a wire that’s between the positive terminals of your solar battery. Utilize a lead wire so you can connect the fuse’s other end to the positive terminal of the charge controller battery. Connect the negative lead of the battery to the negative connector of the charge controller’s battery.
  • Fully charge your battery by setting the timer of the charge controller. Just turn on the lights when needed.
  • Mount your photovoltaic array on top of a pole. Adjust the light from the pole. All lead wiring from your photovoltaic array must be properly connected to your charge controller after you’ve mounted them. Activate the controller.
  • Determine the different kinds of solar powered lights for outdoors. The best choices are path light and spot light. You can also use a solar powered light in decks, swimming pools, garden, yards, security lighting, military and civilian runways, RV and camping lighting, traffic signals, street lighting, parking lot lighting, transportation and bus stop shelter lighting, advertising billboards, monument, and cemetery.
  • Read more information about solar powered light. Solar power is beyond hype in most countries. The number of people who are using solar power is rising because of economic reasons and environmental concerns. A ready-made solar panel comes along with a manual. If you want to create a do-it-yourself solar powered light, then read enough so you can install your solar lighting equipment properly. There are numerous reading materials in print and Web. Download manuals and related readings then print them.

There are decorative solar powered lights that you can buy in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Enhance the aesthetics of your home or establishment through solar lighting. It is also a way to teach your children, family members, and friends on how to save money while taking care of the environment.


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