How To Make a Spicy Air Freshener

You love your pet, your cooking hobby, and of course your kids. But all of them make your house smell unlovable. Good thing the air freshener was invented. With only one spray, your once foul-smelling house will be a garden-smelling house. Having a handy air freshener is great but commercial air fresheners have chemicals that add pollution to the air you breathe. For sure, you don’t want your house to be the haven of these floating chemicals. Why don’t you make your own air freshener instead? And to add a tingling effect, make this DIY air freshener spicy.

Creating a unique blend of scents as your air freshener is so simple especially if you have that nose for good scents.

Things needed:

  • Pure essential oils. You can choose one scent or combine different scents. Some spicy scents are ginger, cinnamon, anise, caraway, lime, spearmint, sage, patchouli, marjoram, and clove. Other spicy scents are okay as long as these smell good in your nose. For healthier choice, you can use only 100% pure essential oils. Synthetic oils are okay but they will post harms to your family’s health.
  • Mist spray bottle. It should be able to hold at least 4 ounces of fluid.
  • Purified water, at least 4 ounces.


  1. Decide on the spicy scent you want as air freshener. It can be spicy apple, a combination of ginger and cinnamon, or whatever that smells pleasing to your nose. Combine drops of different scents until you get the scent you want. You can look for spicy scent ideas on the Net as well. Even copying the scent of your favorite perfume is possible by using the scents used for it.
  2. Clean the mist spray bottle and let it dry before you use this for keeping the air freshener.
  3. Fill the spray bottle with the purified water. Other water like distilled or tap water has certain elements that might ruin your air freshener.
  4. Add your formulated spicy scent to the bottle with purified water. The contents cannot be mixed but it will be helpful if you shake the bottle before spraying.
  5. Your spicy air freshener can now be used like an ordinary and commercial air freshener. Store your homemade spicy air freshener in cool, dark place to protect it from losing its scent. Tightly cover the bottle as well to keep the scent in it.

Some Tips

  • A spicy air freshener energizes a room so don’t spray it close to bedtime.
  • You can make more spicy air freshener by doubling the proportion of your formula.
  • The spicy air freshener will be stronger as it ages. You may need to reformulate it when the air freshener becomes stronger.
  • Essential oils can be dangerous for pregnant or women who want to try to get pregnant.
  • Spicy air freshener is a great gift idea for friends. Simply use attractive mist spray bottle and put it in a good wrap.

Now, you can ensure the safety of your family while ensuring good scents around the house. Keep on experimenting using other spicy air freshener formula by combining different scents. Who knows, you might just discover the best scent of air freshener that every visitor will love. 


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