How To Make a Towel Warmer

A warm towel is such a great luxury after a hot bath, especially during the chilly winter months. Apart from the warm feeling it gives you right after a shower, a towel warmer ensures that you will no longer have wet towels hanging on the rack.

Towel warmers are increasingly becoming popular fixtures in homes. These can be installed in bathrooms or near a swimming pool or home spa. It is a system of racks that require an electrical power source to heat them up. Apart from towels, you can also hang your clothes on the warmers to dry.

Unfortunately, towel warmers can set you back by more than $100. The good news is you can make your own towel warmer. The simplest towel warmer is taking a foldable clothes rack and placing it above the heating vent. Or placing a hook above the radiator where you can hang a towel. But, with some DIY skills, you can make a better towel warmer. Then you will be on your way to having toasty warm towels whenever you desire.

Materials Needed

  • Heating device – this can be a heater vent, radiator or a small electric heater
  • 1x2 lumber roughly 8 feet long
  • Swivel bracket
  • Wood screws and hinges
  • Finishing – paint, stain or varnish
  • Circular saw, drill, screw driver, paint brush and other carpentry tools you might require

Steps in Making a Towel Warmer

  1. Locate your heat source. This can be a heating vent or radiator. However, not all houses have heating vents. If this is the case, you will need to buy a small heater. Place the electric heater where you want to install a towel warmer.
  2. Build a rack. Using a 1x2 piece of wood, cut one at 10 inches and then cut two pieces at 24 inches. Using wood screws connect the three pieces to form a ‘U’ shape. At the end of the two 24” pieces, drill a small hole. This will be for the pin of the swivel mounting bracket. Make the brace for the towel rack by cutting one piece of the lumber to about 36 inches. The brace lifts the towel rack from the wall. Make a 45 degree bevel cut on both ends with the circular saw. When not in use, this allows it to sit flushed against the wall.
  3. Finish the rack. You can paint the rack or apply a stain or varnish. The rack can be finished to match your walls.
  4. Attach the rack. Measure about 36 inches away from small electric heater. If you have a heating vent, the distance can be greater. Drill holes into the wall and insert the drywall anchors. Make sure the line is level. Screw the swivel brackets into the drywall anchors. Using the swivel pins, attach your towel rack to the swivels. Attach the brace board to the wall using small hinges. It should be at a length that will allow it to swivel out with the towel rack. Make sure it is secure.

Once you finish your towel rack, all you have to do is make sure the heating device is on, extend the rack, hang your towel and jump into the bathroom for a long, warm shower. After you are done, a nice warm towel will be waiting for you.


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