How To Make a Waterproof Deck Floor

Wood flooring

An outdoor deck can provide you with a location to relax and enjoy a warm summer night.  A deck adds value to a home, and the costs associated with building a deck will more than pay off in the long run.  Many people like to have dry storage beneath their deck's floor.  To do this, you will need a waterproof deck floor.  This article will give you ways of how to make a waterproof deck floor.
If you are not worried about water leaking beneath the cracks of your deck floor, and don’t have any storage beneath, then waterproofing your deck floor is easy.  Any home improvement store will sell you sealants that help maintain your decks color and prevent water damage.  The following options listed in this article should be considered if you want a dry storage space beneath your deck floor.

  • The first option of how to make a waterproof deck floor is to build a waterproofing system beneath your deck floor.  This system requires attaching joists and pipes beneath your wood deck to drain water away to special gutters.  This is a good system because it will allow you to keep a wood deck, but is expensive and requires professional installation.
  • Another way of how to make a waterproof deck floor is to install vinyl membranes.  Laying a vinyl membrane over your deck surface is easy to do, and can be done fairly inexpensively.  These membranes will do a good job of preventing water from leaking below your deck surface, but the membranes will cover your entire floor, and look less attractive than your original deck.  Membranes can normally be found in different colors.
  • A unique way of how to make a waterproof deck floor is to install a giant EPDM sheet, and then install interlocking wood deck tiles above the sheet.  It’s best to use this method on a new deck construction, although you can apply the EPDM over an existing deck if needed.  The interlocking wood deck tiles will give a typical wood deck appeal, but the EPDM below will prevent water from falling below the deck.  Instead, water will fall off the sides of the deck.

Another consideration when trying to make a waterproof deck floor would be to install a vinyl deck.  Vinyl waterproof deck floors come with special vinyl decking planks which interlock beneath the floor, and prevent water from running beneath the deck.  Vinyl planks come in a variety of colors and textures, so your ideal tastes should be met.
The last way to make a waterproof deck floor is to install an aluminum deck.  Aluminum decks are similar to that of vinyl floors in that they interlock beneath the floor.  Aluminum deck can get very hot in the summer months, so depending on your location, it may not be ideal.


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