How To Make a Wooden Bridge

A bridge is any structure that is used to connect the distance between two places. If you have a garden, you might want to construct a footbridge to add beauty to it. A bridge can also be constructed on top of a pond.

A bridge made out of wood is the most convenient type to install due to the ease of construction and it’s resistance to weather conditions. Constructing your own wooden bridge is easy as long as you plan ahead and you should be knowledgeable with carpentry. Ask a friend to help you to make the task easier and more fun.

Here are the steps you'll need to follow to make your bridge:

  • Prepare four blocks made of concrete; this will be the foundation of your bridge. You will also need two wooden beams, wooden planks, wooden posts, rope, shovel, a hoe, hammer and some heavy duty nails. Keep in mind that the bridge is supposed to be walked on. So think about the capacity of your materials. A rope made of Manila hemp is preferred as this is the most natural and strong type of rope. Pinewood is a good type of wood considering the cost and the durability.
  • It will be best for you to draw an outline of your project. Scale it according to size so you would know the actual measurement of the materials that you need to prepare.
  • The two wooden beams should be enough to cover the whole length of your bridge. The wooden planks must be enough to cover the width and the length of your bridge. The wooden posts will be used for the railing. 
  • Smooth out the areas where you will place the four concrete blocks. Use your shovel and hoe to level out the area. Alternatively, if you wish to make the bridge more natural looking, you can use sanded tree stumps instead of the concrete blocks.
  • Mount the blocks on the flattened surface, measure the distance carefully. Lay down the support beams on the blocks and hammer them with concrete nails. Once secure, lay down the planks crosswise and nail them. To ensure security, use at least three concrete nails per side of the plank. 
  • Next, nail the concrete posts onto the beams, use a rope to wrap around one end, and stretch the rope so that it reaches the opposite post. Use a nail or two to protect the rope from sliding. This will become your railing.
    If you do not want to use rope as railings, you can install three or four wooden posts on each side of your wooden bridge. Nail them in place using concrete nails. Allocate one post on each side to support the posts. Install the post crosswise along the railings made.
  • To get the size of the post, check your desired height, this is where you will place your handrails.

Test the stability of your bridge by walking over it. Apply force on the areas where you hammered your nails to check if the nails are properly installed. Make necessary repairs to guarantee the safety of your bridge.


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