How To Make an All-Purpose Soap Cleaner

Using commercial household cleaners can be very expensive. Aside from this, you can develop illnesses and allergies due to the chemicals that are used in these all purpose soap cleaners. The good thing is that you can make your own all natural all purpose soap cleaner. By using all natural ingredients, you will be sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients that you will be using. You will also save a lot of money by making your own cleaning solution.

Here are the steps on how you can make an all purpose soap cleaner that you can use in your house:

  1. Ingredients and materials. Purchase all the ingredients that you will use for this all purpose cleaning soap. These are concentrated oil soap, lemon essential oil, and fresh mint. You will also need a small saucepan, measuring cups and a jar to put the soap in.
  2. Preparation. Measure the ingredients that you will use for the all purpose soap cleaner. You will need half a cup of the concentrated oil soap, a tablespoon of the lemon essential oil and a cup of the mint.
  3. Making the all purpose soap cleanser. Put the oil soap in a measuring cup. Add the lemon essential oil to the oil soap. When the mixture is ready, put it in a container. Don’t forget to label the container.
  4. Using the all purpose soap cleaner. When you are ready to use the all purpose soap cleaner, you will first have to prepare it. Get a saucepan and pour about four cups of water. Wait for the water to boil. When it start boiling, put the mint in the saucepan. Cook the mint in the boiling water for about a couple of hours.

After a few hours, you can already use it. Get the oil paste that you prepared earlier. Scoop about three teaspoons of that and place it in the herbal mixture that you just did. This will be your all purpose cleaning solution. To use it, put a generous amount on the surface that you want to clean and scrub with a sponge, a soft cloth or a mop. Afterwards, rinse the solution off with water and a soft cloth.

If you want to make the all purpose cleaner an antibacterial solution, you can add vinegar to the mixture. The cleaner will smell like vinegar but using this will get rid of the bacteria on the surfaces that you will clean.

These are the steps on how you can make and use your own all purpose soap cleaner. You can use the soap cleaner solution to clean surfaces in your house every week or twice a week. You can use the mixture with vinegar to clean your house at least once a month so that you can disinfect your house.

You will certainly save a lot of money by making your own all purpose cleaning product. Best of all, you will not be inhaling chemicals that are hazardous to your health.


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