How To Make an Electric Circuit

Science experiments are fun and interesting. Students will be able to learn about how something works by experiencing it for themselves through hands-on projects. When studying about electricity, one of the science experiments that you can do is make an electrical circuit. An electrical circuit is where the electric current travels on a closed circuit. The electricity then travels through the terminals and the energy is consumed by an object such as a light bulb. Making your own electrical circuit is not as hard as you think. All you need are a few materials that will get you started.

Follow these steps to make your own electrical circuit:

  • Materials that you need. The things that you will need for making this project are a switch, a light bulb holder, a light bulb and a size D battery. You can get these materials from your local hardware store. You must make sure that the light bulb you purchase is good for the fitting on the light bulb holder so that you can screw the light bulb in properly without having any problems.
  • Set up the electrical circuit. Place all the supplies that you need on your work area. Get the battery holder. You will see some wires that are coming out of it. Get the red wire and connect it to the light bulb holder. Position the red wire at the top end of the batter. Get the black wire and connect it to the bottom end of the battery on the light bulb holder. Attach the switch right at the center of the red wire. Screw in the light bulb on the light bulb holder.
  • Place in the battery. Now that the setup is complete, attach the battery to the setup. Before you do this, make sure that the switch is turned off. Make sure that the battery is in the correct position and secure it in place so that it won’t come off easily.
  • Test the electrical circuit. You can now test the electrical circuit that you have made. Turn on the switch. The light bulb should light up if you have connected all the components of the electrical circuit properly.

Now you know how to make an electrical circuit. With this project, the important thing is to have a steady flow of electricity from the battery to the light bulb through the wires that you connected. If there is a gap in the wires, the electricity will not be able to travel and the light bulb will not light up.

You can understand the flow of electricity on the components by using an online diagram. Go to the website Make an Electric Circuit Online. On the website, you can play with the components of an electrical circuit and it will be added one by one on the diagram provided. You can make a complete circuit or a parallel circuit. By using this online guide, you can see how the components are attached together to make an electrical circuit.


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