How To Make an Electrical Wiring Quick Guide

An electrical wiring quick guide is something very useful for students who are studying engineering and also for people who always do wiring repairs at home. A quick guide consists of diagrams, texts and useful information that you can consult if you are dealing with wiring at home. You can prepare an electrical wiring quick guide so that you do not have to search for information while repairing. You can just consult the guide easily.

Follow these steps to make an electrical wiring quick guide for your home:

  • Sources. The first thing that you should do is find the electrical wiring quick guide that you need. You can purchase an electrical wiring guide chart from the website Builders Book. This guide consists of 6 pages of information on conductors, safety precautions, insulation letter codes and other useful information regarding electrical wiring. You can also download a free PDF copy of a quick guide eBook for residential wiring from the website Get Free Ebooks. This guide consists of 38 pages filled with images, codes and instructions.
  • Print out the guide. If you purchased the chart, you can skip this step. If you downloaded the guide from the Internet, print all the pages out in thick and sturdy paper. Use colored ink when printing so that you can see the images clearly and see the colors and symbols for proper wiring.
  • Laminate the pages. The next step is to laminate the pages of the electrical wiring quick guide. This is important since you want the guide to last for a long time. Laminating will prevent the text and images from fading and it will also protect it from spills. If you have a laminating machine, use hard laminating sheets. If you do not have a laminating machine, you can have the pages photocopied for a small fee.
  • Arrange the pages. Arrange the pages of the electrical wiring quick guide.
  • Finishing the guide. Use a puncher to punch holes on the corner of the electrical wiring quick guide. Just make sure that you do not punch over the text or images so that you won’t punch out any words or pictures. Get a ring binder and loop it through the holes on the guide. Now you can quickly flip through the pages of the electrical wiring quick guide easily. Keep the guide in a drawer or in your tool shed so that you can easily get it whenever you do some wiring repairs inside your house.
  • Read the guide. Read the guide and familiarize yourself with the symbols and instructions. This will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for when you need to use the electrical wiring quick guide.

It is that easy to make an electrical wiring quick guide. Now you can do some simple repairs and installations in your home. If you do not understand how to install or repair something even with the help of the quick guide, it is advisable to call an expert to help you with it.


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