How To Make an Inexpensive Carpet Cleaning Solution

You don’t need to be royalty to be able to maintain a nice carpet for your home. With the green campaigns and need for saving money, homemade products are really promoted these days. One such cleaning solution that you can create is for carpets. The inexpensive carpet cleaning solution that you can create will help you save resources for other important household tools. Here are the steps in making an inexpensive carpet cleaning solution:

Vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar and baking soda, when mixed with lukewarm water, makes for a nice carpet cleaning solution. It particularly specialized on removing stains on your carpet flooring. You don’t even need a lot. Just a few teaspoons of vinegar for each cup of water is enough to help you clean your carpet. 

Solvent. The solvent such as nail polish remover can also be used as a handy cream for removing spot stains in your carpet. Use this in moderation and only if necessary to eliminate spot stains on your carpet. Solvent is readily available and they often have applicators that help you nail down the specific parts of your carpet that need cleaning.

Ammonia. One tablespoon of ammonia mixed with a cup of water is already potent enough to help clean your carpet. The smell may not exactly be as pleasant but it is really effective especially with deeply embedded stains in your carpet. It also leaves your carpet with a fresher take, as if it was brand new. But you just need to manage the scent of the ammonia from turning off your guests.

Detergent. A pinch of detergent mixed with water is also a nice way to really create a suitable carpet shampoo that has bubbles and cleaning action at the same time. Warm water is best to recreate a bit of the steaming action of professional carpet cleaners.

Club soda. Club soda in its pure form can be used to clean your carpet. But use it sparingly (around once a month) so that it will not deposit too much chemicals on your carpet. Club soda is very effective especially in warding off insects that tend to live in the carpet.

Corn flours, bay leaves and potpourri. Sweet-smelling and effective, the mixture of these three elements will help you have a clean carpet in no time. Corn flour is especially effective in removing moisture from stains that tend to live on the carpet long after the stain has been removed.

The vacuum cleaner and other dust removing tools may help you to lessen the work needed by your home made carpet cleaning solution. For persistent stains, you may also want to use cornmeal first before vacuuming. Make sure that you have already used these means before leaving it all to the carpet solution. The deep cleaning action on the carpet can truly help the carpet last longer and not be a breeding ground for unwelcome dirt elements. An occasional trip to the professional carpet cleaners for steaming may also be a welcome luxury, similar to rare makeovers.


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