How To Make an Onion-Mesh-Bag Pot Scrubber

Because of the eco-friendly movement, people are always trying to find ways to recycle and save up on waste. Pot scrubbers contribute greatly to the waste we make. They always need to be replaced because they always get worn out. In addition, more and more companies are making lots of pot scrubber variations. This means more waste. Pot scrubbers made out of onion mesh bags are a great way to save money and help the environment. Because everything is made out of recycled materials, you will be reducing the waste you create. Also, you will save a lot of money, as you won’t have to buy brand new pot scrubbers that don’t really work anyway.

Here are some steps on how to make an onion-mesh-bag pot scrubber:

  1. Save the plastic mesh bags you get from supermarkets. Usually, these plastic mesh bags come with onions, garlic, or potatoes. They are used because they are sturdy and won’t break easily under the pressure of the heavy baggage. This is what makes it great for washing out your pots and pans. It is very durable. The only downside is that it is made from plastic, meaning that it is non biodegradable. By recycling the plastic mesh bags you will be able to reduce the waste in landfills.
  2. Make a pot scrubber from plastic mesh bags the easy way. The easiest way to make a plastic mesh bag is through rolling it up into a ball. Make sure that the mesh bag is compact. When you roll up the plastic mesh bag, make sure that you leave a tail on one side. This is where you will tie it up so it stays in place. Take a fishing line and tie up the tail very tightly. The tail will serve as your handle so you can scrub pots and pans with ease. This type of onion mesh bag pot scrubber lasts only for a while, as it is not sturdy enough. You will have to do this process repeatedly.
  3. Take a little time and weave your plastic mesh bag pot scrubber. Although the process of weaving a mesh bag pot scrubber is a little more difficult, you will be able to enjoy its benefits for a longer period of time. The design will be more durable for repeated use. Aesthetically, they look better too. The first step to make your own onion mesh bag pot scrubber through weaving is cutting it up into small pieces. You will have to hold the onion mesh bag very taught from both ends. Cut it into small pieces. Next, join the pieces you have cut up together. All you have to do is make loops and pull them taut to join two together. Join all of the pieces so you end up with a long piece of net. The last step is to crochet long pieces of net together to make a compact pot scrubber.

Making an onion mesh bag pot scrubber is not that hard. Follow these steps and help the environment today!


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