How To Make Asphalt

Using sand machine

Asphalt has a lot of uses, although you might find it intimidating and not part of a do it yourself task. For one, it is used for making roads because it is more affordable than concrete and performs just as well, as attested by most motorists and drivers. Even if equipment for paving and other construction projects with asphalt are expensive, you can at least save up in part by making your own asphalt. These steps shall guide you as you try out your hand in creating your own asphalt for ready use:

  1. Crude oil remnants. Asphalt comes originally from crude oil. The gum like substance is the mother of all asphalt products. If you get a hold of this remnant from crude oil, you already have asphalt's raw material in your hands.
  2. Grading. Grading the asphalt involves processing the asphalt so that it will vary in degrees depending on how you intend to use it. The grade of a driveway asphalt is different from that used in roofing. Often you will need refining tools or machines to be able to pull this off. If you are not up for this tedious grading procedure, you can already choose a pre-processed asphalt that has a specific grade to it and proceed to other steps.
  3. Furnace. Turning the asphalt from gum into liquid makes it usable and moldable for various construction processes. Your driveway, for example, can put it into good use only if you have heated it considerably to turn it into a fluid. Heat it up for as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit. And very quickly apply it on the desired area.
  4. Cement mix. You also have the option of mixing the asphalt with cement and you already form robust concrete. Indirect heating may also be applied in this particular step to ensure better mixing of the elements.
  5. Green asphalt. Research is currently being done on helping reduce adverse environmental effects of asphalt. You can try to get more resources on making asphalt green for a better environment by checking out websites such as Live Science.
  6. Drying. The good thing about asphalt is that it dries very quickly. You just need to keep your road or driveway free for a few hours and it will already be good for use. A newly asphalted road is really heaven for motorists.

If you are not yet confident with your skills in making your own asphalt, you might want to consider first getting expert help with it before venturing out on your own. It is best to create asphalt for enterprise purposes rather than personal reasons, since it will take really expensive apparatus to be able to sustain such a taxing project.


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