How To Make Autumn Scented Sachets

In olden times people use scented sachets to perfume their handkerchiefs. They were also tools to aid rich people in their sleep. In the east, people use them to protect against evil and keep away insects. In recent times, scented sachets are most commonly used in enclosed areas such as a car, closet living room, dressers and others. A lot of people enjoy the scent of autumn because of its comforting effects. Make your own autumn scented sachet and take pleasure in its scent all year long.

  • Sachet. For the sachet, you can choose a small pillow-type sack or a drawstring pouch. You can use a cell phone pouch and sew the open end once you put the fragrant material in. you can also use a cell phone pouch as is since a lot of them have a drawstring to close the case. There are also readymade drawstring pouches that you can use. You also have an option to use a square piece of paper and a ribbon. Whatever you use, make sure that they are large enough to place the materials you choose.
  • Material. There are many types of materials that you can use. You can use potpourri that can be bought at any craft store. You can also use fragrant oils. For fragrant oils, you can dab around 10- 15 drops on shredded paper or uncooked rice. Rice works well though. It can absorb and hold moisture and liquids. Search your household for materials first before you go out to buy some. You can also use spices that are found in your kitchen or in supermarkets. Even discarded citrus peels can be used. Just tear them in small 1x1 in pieces. Popular scents for autumn are orange, lemons, apples, pumpkins, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, acorn, pine, grapefruit, fir, spruce, and other scents that remind you of autumn. Don’t use all the materials but mix and match around 5 different scents that you like the most.
  • Procedure. Place the materials you choose on a bowl and take a whiff by placing the bowl 6 in away from you and waving your hand. Remove materials that don’t blend well with the others and add material that you think blends well together to the other materials you have chosen. Repeat the procedure until you find a blend that suits your olfactory senses. Once you have the materials you chose, place them in your pouch. Be careful not to over fill the bag. If you are using a piece of cloth and ribbon, place the material at the center and put the corners of the cloth together. Shake the cloth a bit so the materials settle at the center/bottom. Tie the bag with your ribbon. Make sure the ribbon matches the color of your bag. Your autumn scented bag is now ready.

You can also make one if you moved out of the country to a place where autumn does not exist. Studies show the sense of smell trigger your memory the most. This is sure to remind you of home. Enjoy the smell of autumn inside your car or home using your autumn scented sachets.


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