How To Make Baskets from Paper Grocery Bags

If your paper grocery bags are now forming their own mountain, it’s time you deal with them. You can throw them out and add to the piles in the landfill or recycle them and practice your creativity. Because we are trying to go green and help the environment, the latter option is of course a lot better. So get all the paper grocery bags you have and make them into functional baskets. This is fairly easy to do, and here’s a step-by-step guide.

  • Prepare three grocery bags. This project will need three grocery bags to make one small basket. Make sure to use clean bags. Preferably, choose bags with no ripped parts. Now, remove the bottom parts of the bags and cut each of the bags into four strips. Each strip should measure two inches in width. Horizontally fold the strips so that each strip should now be one-inch wide.
  • Start weaving. You should start weaving the bottom of the basket. Do this by laying out four strips horizontally, and then vertically weave another set of four strips into the first four strips. This should complete the center of the basket’s bottom. Make sure to glue the woven strips.
  • Make the sides. Fold up the strips at the edge of their woven parts. And then, get one strip and weave it around the folded-up strips. Do this by slipping the strip under one strip and then over another strip. Continue this process until the strip is wrapped around the folded-up strips.
  • Continue weaving. You should weave the sides starting at the bottom and work your way all around and on to the top of the basket. Weave one strip at a time until you complete building all four sides. Remember to weave the strips tightly. Adjust the strips, so there won’t be any gap in between the strips.
  • Glue the strips. When you reach the top of the basket, glue all top edges of the strips. Then, take another strip to wrap over the edges. Glue this strip in place. Allow the glue to dry for around two hours.
  • Paint the basket. When the glue has already dried, consider painting the basket in your favorite color. You can also make design patterns if you want to. Paint flowers, stars, leaves, and practically any pattern you can think of. And if you are really creative, you can glue embellishments such as beads, sequins, paper wires, artificial flowers, and other types of scrapbook embellishments. Leave the basket overnight to allow the paint and/or glue to dry.

The paper basket is perfect as table centerpiece and craft project. It can hold vases, pens, paper clips, keys, catalogs, and bills. Make as many paper baskets as you want. If you prefer, you can also make large paper baskets. You only have to glue the ends of the strips to make long strips. The longer the strips, the bigger your paper baskets will be. Of course, bigger baskets will require more effort and time to complete.


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