How To Make Carpet Cleaner with Natural Ingredients

Can you live without a carpet at home? The answer to that one is quite predictable because not having a carpet at home is like living without central heating. It’s totally unimaginable. Why? Well, because a carpet is not merely for frivolous display. This fine piece of home accessory defines a room, accentuates a coffee table, protects wood from being scratched, and provides a skid-free barrier when your kids are running around your home.

Plush or not, the carpet is here to stay. If your problem is cleaning it regularly without the exorbitant cost of hiring someone or buying something off the shelf, you may want to consider concocting your own carpet cleaner using natural ingredients. Here are some suggestions:

  1. To remove stain and spots all you’ll need is vinegar, water, baking soda, and a bottle with a nozzle spritzer. Mix all three ingredients together and test on a small patch of your carpet. Spray and rub the stain with a soft brush. Vacuum dry.
  2. To remove mold and mildew on carpet that has been stored away, take equal parts water and colorless vinegar and pour the combo into a bottle with a nozzle spritzer. Spritz this liberally, then, soak up the excess liquid with a dry sponge. Leave to dry.  
  3. To remove grease from your carpet take one part colorless vinegar and two parts cold water and mix these together. Pour the ingredients into a bottle with a nozzle spritzer. Take some paper towels and blot these very, very gently into as much grease as these can absorb. Avoid pushing the paper towels into the fibers. Then, when you’re done all you can to take as much of the grease out, spray the vinegar/water mixture on the stain and wipe with a dry cloth. Do this repeatedly until it clears up. Finally, spray the area with cold water, blot it using a clean dry cloth, cover the area with a separate cloth, let it dry overnight, and then vacuum the next day. This carpet cleaner works wonders on oriental rugs but not for synthetic and wool carpets.
  4. To remove engine oil from your carpet, take 6-8 pieces of lemon and squeeze the juice out into two parts cold water. Pour this mixture into a bottle with a nozzle spritzer. Make sure it’s all lemon juice and water minus the seeds. Use a plastic spoon to scoop out as much of the oil that’s embedded into your carpet. Once done, promptly throw the spoon away. Use a couple of white paper towels to blot out what’s left. Spray the cleaning solution into a tiny patch to test its reaction to the stained area. Proceed when you see that it is not causing the stain to spread. After spraying, use a clean cloth for blotting until it clears up. Let it dry naturally then vacuum the next day. 

Some choice advice and words of caution:

  • Do not reuse plastic bottles.
  • Keep this out of children’s reach.
  • Avoid prolonged eye and skin exposure.
  • The only solution for cigarette burns is to cut the burned portion out so it will do you good to prohibit smoking anywhere in your home.
  • Ammonia, bleaching agents, detergents, paint thinner, and lighter fluid, though recommended as the last resort for taking out stains, are in fact very bad and perilous for any type of carpet (or home), so do not attempt to use them as carpet cleaners.
  • Cleaning very expensive and exotic carpets should always be left to the professionals.


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