How To Make Clothesline Poles

With the economy down in the dumps, more and more people have changed from a sedentary lifestyle, dependent on machines to do their chores, to a more practical one. It all has to do with saving more money for a rainy day. Let’s face it, because of the economic crash; people from all parts of the globe are suffering. Hence, certain conveniences and luxuries have to go. Take the dryer for example. Normally, people will dry their clothes in it after a wash so that they can wear the clothing instantly after. Today, since power, gas, and water prices have gone up, more and more people are drying their clothes naturally. That said if you want to jump on the bandwagon and if you have a spacious backyard in your home, then you might want to consider putting up a clothesline and saving money by drying your clothes the old fashioned way. Here is a short and easy guide on how to put up your clothesline using poles you will fashion.

  • Secure the materials. For this particular project, you will need to purchase 8 foot wooden posts (4 by 4). You will also a long line of rope specifically for clotheslines. You will need nails, stainless steel wires, gravel, and cement. If you do not want to use wooden posts, then you can use metal posts with the same height at about 3 inches in diameter. You can purchase all these at the hardware supply store.
  • Dig the holes. The first step as you come home with the materials will be to dig the holes. But, before that, measure how long you want the clothesline to be and mark the spots for the holes. Once that is done, start digging the hole. You will want the depth to be 2 feet and the width of the hole to be slightly wider than the thickness or diameter of the posts. Use a posthole digger to dig the holes. As soon as both holes are dug, insert the posts and see how they look. At this point, they won’t be standing straight up since they have not been anchored yet.
  • Anchor the poles. At this point of the project, you will need the aid of a friend. Have him hold one post so that it stands straight. As he does that, pour back a few inches of soil into the gaps in the hole. Finally, follow that with some gravel. Fill the hole with gravel until it reaches the surface. The pole will be a little stable right now. However, it will still move if you put pressure on it. To solidify the post in the hole, simply whip up some cement and pour it over the gravel. This will anchor the pole and make it immovable. If necessary, you may want to attach some wires at all four sides of the pole and anchor the wires into the soil much like how antennas on roofs are stabilized. This is optional, though. Anyway, once you cement the first pole, repeat the process for the other pole. Allow the cement to dry for about 2 to 3 days before installing the clothesline.

Once the cement dries and poles stabilized unroll your clothesline rope and wrap one end around one post at the top most part. You can hammer in a nail underneath the wrap to hold it up high and in place. Once you finish the first pole, stretch the rope to the second pole and wrap the rope around it as well. Tie the final knot and cut the rope. You now have a nice clothesline and can start hanging your clothes to dry.


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