How To Make Crafts Using Recycled Tin Cans

The best way you can help save the Earth is to recycle and avoid throwing away stuff. The more trash humans produce, the more resources they use up and cannot get back. Conservation is key at this stage of the game or else future generations might not have much of a planet to live on. Tin cans are a great item to hold on to, because you can do so much with them. Here is how to make crafts using recycled tin cans:

  • They come in all shapes and sizes. Because it will be easier to make more things about different-sized tin cans than if you only had just one type of can, you should get as many different kinds of tin cans as you can. Variety will always be a good thing. Get large and small ones, wide and narrow ones, just gather as many cans as you can. Avoid getting cans that are rusty though, because that could be very dangerous. Also, deformed cans are okay, just as long as they are not broken with sharp parts sticking out.
  • Other materials. Make sure you have a good supply of art equipment and materials too. Paints, markers, tape, glue, different kinds of paper, the works. You will need these things to modify your cans into something artful.
  • Containers/holders. The most common use for a tin can is to make like a holder or container of some sort. It is also the easiest and simplest, since you really need not do anything to the can itself but just decorate it if you wish and dump whatever you want to store inside. The fastest way to make it more pretty is to paint it, but you can also decorate it with different-colored crepe paper, pictures, cutouts from magazines, etc.
  • Flower pots. If you want a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscientious use for your recycled tin cans, you could try using them as makeshift flower pots. Fill them with soil and earth, plant your seeds and make sure that your would-be plants get the nutrients and care they need and you should find yourself the owner of fabulous plant in no time at all.
  • Musical instruments. Turn your cans into drums or bongos and use old chopsticks to play a beat. Or, fill them with pebbles, stones and other small items to shake and rattle your way to a good time.
  • Decorations. Of course, tin cans can make excellent and inexpensive decorations for any time of the year. Dress’em up in accordance with whatever season it may be. Go spooky and ghostly for Halloween, bright and shiny for Christmas and maybe red and lovely for Valentine’s.
  • Imagine all the tin cans. Really though, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to tin can crafts and projects. You really can make so many things as long as you have the imagination, creativity and skill to do so.

Making crafts using recycled tin cans is easy, fun and practical. It saves you money and saves the planet while acting as a container, instrument or decoration.


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