How To Make Cushion Covers for the Top of a Toy Box

A toy box is something that you can add in your child’s room to keep all the toys organized in one place. You can make the toy box more attractive by adding a cushion cover on top. This will not only make the toy box more colorful but it will also serve as protection for the toy box, especially if it is made of wood that can easily be dented. Making cushion covers for the toy box is easy.

Here are the steps to follow for making toy box cushion covers.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for this project are fabric, tape measure, batting material, sewing machine, scissors, a strip of Velcro, ruler, fabric glue, wood glue and fabric pencil. Choose a fabric that will go well with the theme of your child’s bedroom.
  • Measure the toy box. Use the measuring tape to get the dimensions of the top of the toy box. Take note of this measurement on a piece of paper.
  • Cut the fabric and batting material. Draw the dimensions that you took from the toy box on the wrong side of the fabric with the fabric pencil. Afterward, use a ruler to add a seam allowance of 2 to 3 inches all over the dimensions. Half an inch of the allowance will be for sewing while the remaining allowance will be for the Velcro so that you can fold over the cushion to the sides of the toy box. Cut 2 pieces of the same size for the fabric. The next step is to cut the batting material. For the batting material, just subtract an inch all over from the shape of the fabric you are using.
  • Stitch the cushion cover. Now you can stitch the cushion cover. Place one of the fabrics wrong side up. Afterward, position the batting on top of it. Make sure to center it. You will be left with an inch of allowance of fabric all over. Now put the other piece of fabric on top of the batting with the right side up. Stitch the 3 pieces together all over.
  • Stitch the allowance. Stitch the 1 inch allowance by folding it so that the ends of your fabric do not fray.
  • Attach the Velcro pieces. Cut the Velcro pieces according to the dimensions of the box. Use the fabric glue to attach the Velcro pieces on the sides of the cushion cover and use the wood glue to attach the other side of the Velcro pieces on the sides of the cover of the toy box.
  • Attach the cushion cover. Allow the glue to dry completely. When the glue is dry, all you have to do is to stick the cushion cover over the top of the toy box using the Velcro pieces. You now have a cushion cover for the toy box.

Making a cushion cover for your toy box is that easy. You can make different designs for the cushion covers so that you can replace them and wash the old cushion covers.


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