How To Make Dish Soap

Dish soap is something we use everyday.  We may not think of its importance, but without it, dishes, pots and pans would not get the proper cleaning.  There are many options for dish soap on the market these days, including ones for keeping hands soft and smooth, as well as calming aromatic scents.  What dish soap you choose to purchase may be based on one of these factors, but may also be based on price.

Making your own dish soap is a great way to save money, while also controlling what substances go into the dish soap.  This is especially handy if you have dry, irritated skin.  Best of all, making your own dish soap includes a few basic supplies you can find around the home.

  1. To get started, first clean out an old dish soap bottle.  Rinse it with warm water and soap until it’s free of any dish soap residue.
  2. To begin making your washing soap, you can use a fresh bar of soap or soap flakes.  If using a bar of soap, opt for one that is brand new and packaged.  You can use any one of your choice, but if you have sensitive skin, choose one that is made to moisturize delicate skin without drying it out.  Using a razor, shave off flakes until there are none left.  Collect the shavings in a bucket or container.
  3. Once collected, use about 2 to 3 cups of hot water to pour over the soap shavings.  Set it aside and allow it to soak until softened.  This process usually takes about 3 hours or more.  When the soap becomes soft enough, mash it together until a smooth consistency is achieved.  If needed, add more water to make the texture smooth and creamy.
  4. To finish, you can pour the dish detergent into the empty soap bottle.  When the contents settle, be sure to shake up the soap before washing dishes.  To add a little zest, pour a few drops of scented oil, such as lime, lemon or grapefruit to add a fresh and invigorating scent to your detergent soap.
  5. If using soap flakes, mix the flakes with 1 gallon of warm water in a large pot.  Place the pot on the stove on a low heat setting.  Dissolve the soap flakes while stirring continuously.  Before taking the pot off the stove, add glycerin to the mix and let it cool. As when making your dish detergent from a soap bar, use a few drops of a scented oil to make your dish soap smell fresh. 

In order for your homemade dish soap to work as well as name-brands on the market such as Cascade soap, add ½ cup of lemon juice or white vinegar to ward off grease.


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