How To Make Doing Laundry Easier

Death and taxes are not the only things that are inevitable in life. So is doing the laundry. But while most people would rather not have to face the laundry bin, there are ways to minimize the task. This is especially important for people who are busy and who rarely notice that the laundry pile has already grown out of control – such as college students or young professionals who are still shaky when it comes to finances.

Keep a sorter. A laundry sorter will help you to separate your dirty clothes as soon as you are done using them. Keep the sorter in a convenient location such as your room. A separate sorter for specific types of items can also be distributed in other key locations in the house. The kitchen, for example, can have its own laundry bin for the wash towels and rags. Your sorter should have a separate bin for whites and colors, underwear, and other delicate items. You can also create a separate bin for the mattresses, pillowcases, and blankets.  You can also base the sorter on the types of items that you have plenty of, and the types of items that you have little of. For instance, you can create a separate bin for shirts if you have plenty of these.

Make a laundry kit. Next, create your own laundry kit. Use a small pouch to store all of the laundry essentials, such as laundry detergent, some bleach, and fabric softeners. Choose your laundry kit carefully. There are items that can really minimize the hassle in doing laundry, such as soaps and fabric conditioners that will keep the clothes smooth and wrinkle. Apart from the convenience, also make sure that the laundry kit is suitable for your clothes and that you have at least a separate detergent for sensitive clothing items such as silk handkerchiefs. If you use the Laundromat to wash your clothes, it will also be convenient for you to keep a stack of quarters that you can use to operate the machines.

Make a schedule. A schedule will keep your laundry pile down to a bare minimum. You will eventually have to face the task, which means that the schedule will give you time to prepare, and will ensure that you do not find yourself with an empty closet. A weekly laundry schedule may be daunting for particularly busy people, but this will also make the laundry pile smaller and easier to accomplish.

Know the basics. Finally, know some of the basics when it comes to washing clothes. Learn to soak the clothes first, especially for whites and heavily soiled items. This will make your clothes brighter and last longer. Wash the coloreds separately, and always hang or fold the clothes right after you take them from the dryer. Otherwise, the creases produced by the dryer will be difficult to remove, even with an iron. Fabrics that have plenty of lint should also be washed last or washed separately, to prevent the lint from sticking into other clothing items.

Doing laundry may never be a particularly fun task, but minimizing the effort and hassle that you need to face when laundry time comes is possible, through these steps.


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