How To Make Drain Cleaner

Every once in a while, you will find your drain beginning to work slower. An easy way to clean out the drain is by making your own drain cleaner. This is much more inexpensive than the commercially produced products in the market, and is great for major clogs that require more than just a cupful of the drain cleaners from the market.

Prepare the ingredients. You will need a quarter of a cup of cream of tartar, a cup of baking soda, a cup of salt, and two cups of boiling water. Add the boiling water into the solution and stir until the solution is completely dissolved in the hot water. The solution should acquire a certain thickness. If the pipes are clogged, you can double the cream of tartar and baking soda solution so that the solution will be thicker and will not wash away easily with the stagnant water in the pipes.

Pour on drain. Pour this solution on the drain. Afterwards, let the solution sit on the drain for ten minutes. This should unclog small items such as grime and dirt that has built up on the drains, as well as small clumps of hair on bathroom drains.  After ten to fifteen minutes, flush the drain, preferably using hot water. Keep in mind, however, that the drain cleaner is not the same as clog removers. For tough clogs and dirt, it is best to hire plumbers for professional help.

Using separate ingredients. You can also make a drain cleaner using baking soda and vinegar. Take half a cup of baking soda and place it into the pipes. This will create the base where you will add a cup of vinegar. Do this immediately so that the water from the clogged pipes will not dilute the solution. The chemical reaction should weaken the dirt that clogs that pipes. Let the froth sit on the drain pipes as long as possible, before removing these.

Add hot water. When the soda and vinegar solution stops reacting to each other, you can proceed to adding hot water. The drain should begin to respond and the water should slowly seep back into the drain. After the hot water, use cold water to wash away the excess dirt in the drain pipes. Add more soda and vinegar solution to the drain pipes to clear away the last remnants of dirt.

Add brine. Another way to clean your drain pipes is by flushing it with a brine solution. The brine solution is basically water mixed with plenty of rock salt. The salt will scour away the oil and grease that builds in the pipes. The brine solution will also remove any foul smell that occurs in the solution. After adding brine, run hot water through the drain pipes to remove salt sediments that can form when hot brine cools down too quickly. This usually happens in colder areas or during winter.

Make sure that you clean your drain pipes at least twice a month to minimize the buildup of dirt and grime that can lead to massive drain blocks. These steps should help you maintain clean drain pipes all year round.


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