How To Make Faux Brick with Spackle

Does a bucolic and quaint interior brick wall fit your liking for a room but could not afford the cost and expense of having one installed? Here’s good news for you. You can replicate this look with simple painting supplies. With this, you can save a lot of money for materials and labor as you can do the work yourself, and the finished product looks as great as the expensive one.

Here is how to make faux brick with spackle.

  • Purchase or gather all materials. For this project, you are going to need spackle, a spackle knife, 1/4 inch painter's tape, sea sponges, primer, glaze, paint, a paint roller, a paint pan, craft paint brushes, chalk, a drop cloth, a level, rags, and a yardstick.
  • Choose a color for your wall. If you have not yet decided on the colors that you want, you can make a short research project out of that over the Internet. Or you could go to a paint shop and ask for a color guide. Pick one color for the grout, one for the bricks, and one slightly darker or lighter than the bricks to provide color variations.
  • Cover the floor to protect it from any drips. To protect your floor from any wall drippings once the painting will start, cover it a drop cloth or tape a piece of newspaper on it.
  • Prime the walls. Using a primer, cover the walls and let them dry for 24 hours. Primer sets any surface for painting. After 24 hours, roll the grout color onto the walls using the paint roller. Let it dry for another 24 hours.
  • Draw horizontal lines on the walls. Do this by using a yardstick and a piece of chalk to draw horizontal lines across the wall. Ensure that the lines are straight using a level. And ensure that the bricks measure the same size using the yardstick. Make the lines slightly farther apart from the size you want your bricks to be.
  • Mark off the edges of the bricks. Do this by drawing vertical lines between the horizontal lines. Again, make it slightly larger than you want your bricks to be. Stagger the lines as you move on each level to make the bricks look staggered. Use a level to make sure that they are straight and of the same size.
  • Make the grout. With ¼ inch of painter’s tape, tape along the lines so whatever areas are taped off will be the grout and the open area will be the bricks. Be sure it is the size and spacing that you like for your bricks.
  • Coat the entire area with spackle. Cover the whole surface with thick coating of spackle. Afterward, dab it with a wet sea sponge to create a texture. Make sure you wring the sponge after soaking it wet. And also, make sure that you dab randomly for to create a casual but interesting texture. Slowly, pull off the painter's tape and allow the remaining spackle to dry thoroughly.
  • Color the bricks. Using smaller craft brushes (1 to 2 inches) brush the brick color onto each brick. You may also dab the paint into some areas with the brush to fill in the texture. But, be careful not to get the color onto the grout lines. However, if this happens, just let it dry so that you will just cover it using a thin craft brush.
  • Shade the bricks. To mix a darker or lighter shade of the bricks, mix 1 part glaze with 3 parts of color paint with the shade of your choice. Again, wet a sea sponge and wring it out to dab onto the glaze; and then onto a rag to remove excess. Pat and dab the same sea sponge randomly onto each brick. Finally, allow the paint to dry. For necessary corrections, use a small craft brush to cover minor mistakes.

So there you go with your own designed brick wall. Invite some friends over to celebrate your new achievement or just to brag about your new project. Maybe, you might now also consider redecorating or redoing the walls of your entire house!


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