How To Make Fluorescent Paint

Fluorescent paints can turn a child’s room into a fantasy land where glowing items can keep the child company as he or she sleeps. These types of glow-in-the-dark paints are quite expensive though and the range of colors is limited. To paint some designs on the walls or ceiling of a child’s bedroom you will need several colors. Your decorating job can run up to several hundred dollars if you have to buy the fluorescent paints. Good things there are some materials that you can buy to turn ordinary paint into fluorescent paint. Fluorescent paints can also be used to light up dark areas inside your home, such as emergency exits, and on corridors, doors, staircases and other areas where safety is a main concern. Fluorescent paint can stay luminous for a few hours when fully charged during the day. Take a look at the tips below on how to make fluorescent paint on your own.

  • Buy the amount of clear paint that you will need to cover the area that you are going to paint. Clear paints are either water based or solvent based. Buy the clear paint that will be suitable to the surface you will be painting.
  • Buy the glow powders that you will mix with the clear paints. Glow powders or phosphorescent pigments are sold in five grams, one ounce, in half and one pound packs, by the kilo or by packages. You can check out the product from the websites of GloNation and ReadySetGlo. Read their FAQ to get more help on how to mix the clear paint with the right amount of glow powder. Glow powders are available in six to eight long-lasting colors. Order the glow powder online from the websites or look for their local distributors. Make sure that you specify the medium that you will be using to mix with the glow powder. If you are going to use water based clear paint you have to order coated glow powder. ReadySetGlo includes information on how much area can be covered by different amounts of glow powder in their FAQ page. 
  • Mix the clear paint and the glow powder according to the manufacturers’ instructions. The mixture has to be exact. Mix the amount that you will be able to use in a day. Make sure that you stir the mixture well before you use it. Remember that the glow powder pigment will only be suspended in the clear paint and not actually mixing with it so thorough stirring is required to distribute the glow powder as the powder may settle at the bottom of the container. 
  • For areas where you want some illumination during the night, use solvent-based clear paint as the glow powder for this medium glows the longest at 12 hours. Green is the most effective color to use with solvent based paint. Determine the area where you want to apply the fluorescent paint and apply it with a brush or roller. Spray guns are not ideal since the powder will clog the nozzle.

Work in a well-ventilated area when you are working with solvent-based paints. Ensure that the paint and the glow powder match. Priming your intended surface with a coat of white paint will enhance the luminescence of the fluorescent paint.


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