How To Make Galley Kitchens More Functional

There are five different kitchen floor plans being used in modern-day kitchens. One of the popular ones is the galley kitchen or corridor kitchen, which has a walkway flanked by counters, a sink, appliances and cabinets on either of its sides. This floor plan is best known for its space efficiency, but criticized for being too cramped for two or more cooks, or you plan to utilize the space for dining purposes.  Don’t fret! You can still opt for this kitchen design or keep it if it’s already your kitchen plan by following a few tips on how to make galley kitchens more functional.  Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Rearrange your kitchen appliances. The work triangle comprising the range, sink and refrigerator is the key element of a galley kitchen. Rearrange these three in such a way as to make them proximate to each other and thus easily accessible.
  2. Stick to the basics when designing a galley kitchen. Don’t add breakfast bars and kitchen islands in your galley kitchen.  They only take away precious kitchen floor space.
  3. Maximize the available space. There are plenty of ways to save space. Use smaller sinks and place them in a parallel position to counters. Depending on your storage needs, you can build your cabinets up to the ceiling or install roll-out shelves to maximize the space. If storage is not an issue, build low cabinets to create the illusion of space. Block off windows that don’t give you lighting and air circulation and keep the ones that do.
  4. Designate workstations so that people working at the same time in the kitchen will not bump into each other. For instance, set aside a spot for food prep, washing and cold storage.
  5. Use a cart to wheel ingredients and appliances in your kitchen. Not only will the cart make these things easily accessible to you, the cart need not block the traffic when you roll it away neatly into a designated corner. Make sure you can lock the cart in place, when you need it to stay put.
  6. Opt for a lighter color palette on your walls.  Your kitchen will look larger and feel open with light tones. Also, a light color palette is easy on the eyes and can easily be complimented with brighter colors for appliances, cabinets or floors.
  7. To create the illusion of space, try using mirrors. Reflective surfaces enlarge the room. Literally create more space by knocking out a portion of the wall, provided this is not a supporting wall. You can utilize the space as an additional counter or even a dining nook.
  8. Unsure whether you can pull off a DIY galley kitchen? Then consider the services of a professional kitchen remodeler. Although this is costlier than doing your own renovations, you will benefit from the professional eye and personal insight of an experienced kitchen remodeler.  They will also be able to work within the budget you give them.
  9. Put things back where you got them. Mom has always been right about this one. This tip works for organizing just about anything.

Now that you have learned the simple steps you can take as to how to make galley kitchens more functional, you can now remodel your galley kitchen by yourself or with the help of others. Either way, happy remodelling!


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