How To Make Gas with Baking Soda and Distilled Water

It is inarguable that gas is one of the most important commodities to mankind. Without gas, it would be hard for anyone to get through life since gas is used in many daily activities. Gas is used for cars to work, in cooking and in many other activities that are part and parcel of daily living.
In the recent years, gas has become more precious as its supply wobbled and its price reached unprecedented ranks. This called for finding alternatives for gas. In times like this when the natural resources are seemingly depleting, it would be very welcome if you could resort to alternatives to this natural resource. In the case of gas, there is baking soda and water. Read on and learn how you can make gas out of baking soda and water.

  1. Know the chemical background of water and baking soda. This is a crucial part of the process. It must be addressed immediately from the start of the procedure because it will concern your safety. Remember that you are going to perform a chemical procedure and a miscue can lead to your injury. Moreover you are aiming to create a combustible substance so be sure that you are loaded with details about the chemical properties of the ingredients you will use. Take note that water already takes part of gas that is why it is a viable ingredient for a gas alternative. Meanwhile, baking soda also has its own chemical actions which you must know about to avoid problems.
  2. Prepare the materials you will need and make sure that they are in good working condition. Since this procedure really entails great caution and care, you must put great attention with these preliminaries, which will ensure your safety in carrying out the steps. In fact, these preliminaries will even take more of your time than the actual procedure itself. For your safety, prepare the laboratory equipments you will need and make sure that they are really the ones you will need for the experiment. Make sure that they are of the right sizes and are functioning appropriately. You will need a flask, plenty of water and at least one bag of baking soda and a tea or other concentrated drink.
  3. Use the flask in mixing water and the baking soda and heat the container: When the preliminaries are done, it is time to do the task. Use a flask as a container where you will put the baking soda and water. Afterwards, heat the container under moderate fire.
  4. When the mixture has simmered, add the concentrated drink. Add the concentrated drink to the water-baking soda mixture when the previous mixture nears boiling. The concentration of the liquid causes chemical reactions, which will result in methane gas. When big bubbles begin to appear in the mixture, the procedure is done. You can use it in your car and keep yourself from spending so much on gas.

Despite the risks involved in this process, you will feel afterwards that it is a worthwhile thing to do. Aside from saving on your gasoline expenses, you can also contribute to the preservation of Mother Nature. This alternative to gasoline emits less carbon, which is harmful to the environment. Having done that, you will feel better as you go along with your daily activities that require the use of gas.


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