How To Make Hanging Garage Shelves

Garage shelves

For many homes, the garage is easily the converted stock room where items that the family does not use anymore are junked and stored away. As this is the case, the garage, all too often, gets really messy and unorganized. Sometimes, it is no longer used to park the cars in, especially when there are just so many items inside. This can be avoided with some cleaning and of course, a re-organization of the room.

Putting in storage shelving and cabinets almost always makes the room a lot better kept. Some homeowners, though, are a bit hesitant to do this thinking these add ons will take on additional space, thus making the room smaller. But you can actually built open type hanging shelves on your garage that can expand from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, where everything can be kept in order, and where the room is kept large and spacious.

Below are the instructions for making hanging garage shelves. You would need nails, hammer, saw and 2x4" lumber boards for this project. Here's how to build hanging garage shelving.

  1. First measure the area where you desire to have the hanging shelves installed.  Decide the depth and the width of the shelves and make sure that you get the accurate digits for this.
  2. Following the measurements you already have, cut about four pieces of your lumber wood, matching the height of your shelf. These four pieces are going to serve as the pillars, or vertical support. Make sure to give this an extra two inches, as the extra inches would be where you will put the attachments once you hang this from the ceiling joints. 
  3. Cut some two pieces of the lumber wood, following the measurements of the width of your shelves. These pieces would serve as the horizontal support. You will then nail these to the vertical support and create a U-shape structure for now. Keep note that for every horizontal support, vertical supports must be nailed to each end. Make sure that your nails go all the way through. The 8D sinker nails should be the perfect material for this project of building storage shelves.
  4. Nail your U-shape structure to the ceiling joist, hanging down. Make sure you have someone to assist you with this, as this is not a job for just one person. When you nail the structures on to the joists, make sure that they are properly spaced and lined with each other.
  5. Add more boards, following the measurements you have and make sure that they are nailed together so that the boards stay sturdy in its place.

When building shelves in a garage, maximize the use of space by making sure that the overhead area just below the ceiling is also utilized. DIY garage shelves vary in style, but they are all very useful. Often, some homeowners neglect to see just how much area for storage this can take up. Additionally, you can also make the place even better looking by adding a colorful paint on the shelves. Doing this will make the garage not just a place to put junk in, but also a really functional and active area of the house.


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