How To Make Homemade Air Deodorizer

Using air deodorizer

A lot of air fresheners and deodorizers proliferate in the market because of the fact there is a huge market for them. Most homeowners know that a house that smells nice is so much more inviting and gives the ambience of cleanliness. Thus, this product is such a hit. However, store bought air deodorizers are expensive. Some even smell too much of chemicals so that instead of keeping the air clean, fresh smelling and healthy, it becomes very toxic. To a very sensitive nose, these artificial fragrances may often cause allergies or worse, they emit carcinogenic substances. Fortunately, you can choose to go with an alternative. Rather than buying deodorizers that are manufactured, a better smelling and safer alternative would be to make a homemade air deodorizer yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure that the house is already rid of mildew and other sources of odors by cleaning and throwing away the stuff that's causing it. Use borax to effectively eliminate some of the lingering smell. And then let the fresh air in after you've done your cleaning. Open windows and let the breeze come in as stale air actually keeps the bad odor in circulation.
  2. Head to the kitchen and pick out a box of baking soda. This product would be your main cleansing agent, as you will find that it will have plenty of use, other than for actual baking. Sprinkle this baking soda on carpets and sofa seats that have perhaps been soiled with dog urine, juice, wine and oily food. Let the baking soda sit for a few hours and then vacuum it afterwards. You will notice how effective it is, as it not only takes the odor out, but it also gives your carpet and sofa seats a fresher look. To control the sprinkling of baking soda, you can transfer the contents of this into an empty Parmesan can. Just be sure to label properly.
  3. Along with baking soda, vinegar also works as a good cleaning agent and neutralizer of odor. Fill a spray bottle with one part of this and one part of water, and then use this to spray onto any surface. You will notice that the vinegar will effectively dissipate the smell and clean the surface. It leaves an unscented fragrance, so do not worry about it. Vinegar works best on upholstery.
  4. Cut lemon, crushed ginger or herbs like rosemary and basil are good deodorizers as well. You can simmer this by itself, or mix it all together, along with water and then use this particular homemade deodorizer with a spray bottle.
  5. The smell of freshly brewed coffer or baked bread and cookies also help deodorize the odor of a smelly room. You can prepare this once in a while. Your house will feel very homey.
  6. Using beeswax should also help eliminate bad smell.  If you use this one along with essential oils, then it would also keep your house smelling heavenly. If you prefer not to light a candle but have plenty of essential oils around the house, you can still make use of these, by putting a few drops of it on your water and vinegar mixture or water and baking soda mixture. Store this in a spritzer bottle.

Keep all these homemade bottled deodorizers in the refrigerator so that they would last longer than usual.


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