How To Make Homemade Fabric Softener

Finally, your clothes do not have to suffer roughness and sturdiness. With your special laundry soap, fabric softener and fabric care conditioner, you can now feel the so-called "fabric comfort." Thanks to the brands like Snuggle, Downy and Comfort, you can almost bounce a ball on your favorite towel.

However, getting that fabric comfort can be expensive with the ready-to-use fabric care products. So, does this mean you should give up one fabric laundry? Should you give up your dryer sheets or laundry soap? Actually, giving up is only your last option because you can always create homemade fabric conditioner. Amazingly, this homemade fabric conditioner recipe can create the same bounce that Snuggle, Downy and Comfort can provide — at a lesser price.

So, let's start the real matter and create your very own homemade fabric conditioner. You can do it in your kitchen sink, your bathtub or your backyard. Anywhere is okay as long as the place is ready to take the possible mess.

  1. Prepare one part of vinegar, one part of baking soda and two parts of hot water. You may also add essential oil if you wish. Have a pail that can hold double the amount of all these ingredients — the larger is always the better.
  2. Mix hot water and baking soda in the pail. Stir this mixture until the baking powder is dissolved.
  3. Add vinegar to the stirred mixture. The combination of baking soda and vinegar causes fizzing. That is why you need a large pail that can take care of the fizzing.
  4. When the fizzing stops, add essential oil and slowly mix the ingredients again.

There, you finally have your homemade fabric softener. Make sure that you cover the pail because if you left that open, the fabric conditioner's effectiveness might not be sealed in. You may choose to pour the mixture in clean bottles as long as you can cap them tightly.

Another reminder when using this homemade fabric softener is to mix the ingredients again because the baking soda will not be totally dissolved. After that, just take a quarter cup of your very own fabric conditioner and add it to your rinse cycle.

Now, you may be thinking why vinegar is used as fabric conditioner. Well, you may not know it but vinegar is even better than commercial fabric conditioners. Vinegar can make your towels and other clothes more absorbent. Fabric conditioners in the market, on the other hand, can build up on the towel, making the towel less absorbent over time. Another wonder of vinegar is it softens the laundry while removing left over soap residue and static cling from the cloth.

Getting comfort that only commercial dryer sheets and fabric laundry can give is now possible with the homemade version. Aside from saving tons of money from making your own fabric conditioner, you will also ensure that your product is of the best quality. Aside from that, this will help in preserving the environment. Yes, it can be a hassle to make your own fabric softener but the benefits of doing this are all worth your time and effort.


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