How To Make Homemade Garage Shelving

Storing stuff in the garage

Sometimes, enough is never enough for the things in your home. Whenever you buy new things for your house, you will eventually find that there is no available space anymore. All these things end up in the garage. Oftentimes, the garage is pushed to the limits just to find a place for those things. Re-arranging your garage and adding shelving is the best thing to do to maximize the available space you have for so many things in your house. You do not need to have expertise in carpentry. The steps are easy and you will only need simple materials and tools easily found in your local improvements store.

  1. What you need. For a garage shelving, you will need 1-by-10 inch pine boards about eight feet long, 10-inch shelf brackets, a handful of wood screws, stud finder, drill, screwdriver, measuring tape, and level. You can ask someone for assistance so that you can make the shelves a lot quicker.
  2. Arrange your garage. Before making your garage shelving, see to it that you have re-arranged your garage first. Sometimes your garage is stuffed with too much things or dysfunctional appliances that you will not be able to discern where you will put the shelving. Put the larger things at the back part of the garage or stack them in any corner so that they will not be obstructions whenever you look for the smaller things you need.
  3. Locate the space. After you are done with re-arranging, locate where you will put the shelving. Look for two spots of the floor separated by six to seven feet apart. From these points, measure up from the wall while making markings on the wall separated at around 12 to 24 inches apart. Connect these marks so that you can make at least five lines parallel to the floor. Use your level to check whether the lines are even and balanced.
  4. Putting the shelf bracket. Using your stud finder, locate the metal or wood framing behind the wall along those lines that you have made. Mark each studs along the line using your pencil. Mount each 10-inch shelf bracket into the wall using the wood screws along those marks you made for the studs. Drill a small pilot hole for each bracket so the wood screw could go in easily.
  5. Finishing the shelf. Mount the 1-by-10 inch pine boards into the shelf brackets and secure the boards onto the brackets with wood screws. After this, put your materials into the shelves. Begin with heavier things and put them at the lower part of the shelving. Your garage shelving is done.

It is that easy to create your own homemade garage shelving. Using simple materials and following these simple steps, you can maximize the space available in your garage whenever you need some space for your materials inside your house.


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